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Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Unlock CodesSamsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Unlock Codes


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Is it possible to unlock a brand new Samsung galaxy fit s5670?

Yes it is possible. Our company can provide the unlock codes needed to unlock any Samsung phone including the Samsung galaxy fit s5670.

What is the purpose of this unlock code?

An unlock code is used to remove the SIM lock in your phone. The code is generated from your phones IMEI number.

What does IMEI stand for and how do I find the number?

All mobile phones including your Samsung galaxy fit s5670 have a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Here are two ways you can find your phones IMEI number:

  1. Type *#06# using your phones keypad. The 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Remove the battery from your Samsung galaxy fit s5670. The IMEI number is present on the information label which is located behind the battery.

What do I do after I find the IMEI number?

The next thing to do is to send the IMEI number to us along with the name of your carrier. With this information we can generate the correct unlock code for your phone.

Is there more than one kind of unlock code? Can you explain?

There are several types of codes, it is helpful to know what they are:

  1. NCK refers to Network Unlock Code. Once this code is dialed on the keypad of your Samsung galaxy fit s5670, using the correct steps, you will be able to use your phone with any compatible GSM network.
  2. SPCK is the Service Provider Unlock Code. This code is used if your phone is from the Canadian network Fido.
  3. MCK is referred to as the Unfreeze Code. You only need to use the unfreeze code if your phone displays PHONE FREEZE when it is powered on with a non-accepted SIM card.

How fast can you deliver the unlock codes for my Samsung galaxy fit s5670?

As soon as we receive your order we will begin working on generating your unlock code. We will provide you with a guaranteed timeframe within which we will deliver your code by email.

How do I use the unlock codes?

Entering the unlock codes is a simple process. There are three ways to do it. Here are the instructions:

  1. Switch on your Samsung galaxy fit s5670 with a non-accepted SIM card
  2. The phone will prompt for a Password
  3. Enter the unlock code using your phones keypad.


  1. Switch on your Samsung galaxy fit s5670 with a non-accepted SIM card
  2. Your phone will prompt for the unlock code
  3. Enter the unfreeze code and confirm. You will receive a failure message.
  4. Enter the Network code (NCK) and confirm


  1. Switch on your Samsung phone with a non-accepted SIM card
  2. Enter: #7465625*638*CODE#

or, if the phone displays the message Insert Correct SIM Card:

  1. Switch on the phone with a non-accepted SIM card
  2. Enter: #0111*CODE#

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    Worked perfectly, top quality service. They were fast and precise.

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    The phone that was used for this demonstration is a Samsung Galaxy S4 from At&t. This is the one and only way to go for all your unlocking needs.

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    Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M, Locked to Fido. Unlock with using Virgin Mobile Sim card. Successfully unlocked in 5 seconds. Thanks to GSMLiberty for the great service. In the product page, it says processing time is between 7-8 hrs. Please be patient because it could take a bit longer than this, but definitely you will get your code that works, which is worth waiting for. :) This is my third time unlocking a device with I have helped my friends to unlock as well, they all worked perfectly. Sorry, has big background noises because my dog was barking, I had to mute the video