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BlackBerry Curve IMEI Unlock CodesBlackBerry Curve IMEI Unlock Codes


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If you have a locked Blackberry Curve phone would like to get the SIM lock removed, just get in touch with GSMLiberty. GSMLiberty is a registered company and has been providing authentic unlock codes for all Blackberry Curve models. You can contact us by phone or on our website, Our experts are available online to answer all your questions. Just enter the first 15 digits of the valid IMEI number of your Blackberry Curve phone on the products page without any spaces or dashes. Once we have your information and your payment, we will generate your specific code and deliver it to you via email. Just follow the instructions provided for unlocking and soon your Blackberry Curve will be unlocked and ready to be used with a phone carrier you prefer. If the Blackberry Curve remains locked after using the unlock code, you will get a full refund. That is our guarantee.

How can I get my Blackberry Curve phone unlocked without causing any harm to it?

The best way to remove the SIM lock from your Blackberry Curve phone is to use unlock codes from a reputable unlock code provider.

Are unlock codes available for my Blackberry Curve Phone?

Yes. There are genuine unlock codes available for your Blackberry Curve phone. Contact a reputable unlock code provider to order the authentic unlock code specific to your phone.

Where should I order the unlock codes for my Blackberry Curve phone?

GSMLiberty can provide you with genuine unlock codes for your Blackberry Curve phone. We can be contacted over the phone or on the GSMLiberty website, We will generate the specific unlock code for your Blackberry Curve model and email it to you within a stipulated time frame.

Can GSMLiberty provide me with the specific unlock code for any Blackberry Curve model?

Yes. GSMLiberty unlocks a wide range of Blackberry phone models. Among Blackberry Curve models, GSMLiberty unlocks the following ones:

  1. Blackberry Curve 9320. Watch how to unlock this Blackberry Curve model:
  2. Blackberry Curve 9360. Know how to unlock your Blackberry Curve 9360:
  3. Blackberry Curve 9300. Have a look how to enter the unlock code in this Blackberry Curve model:
  4. Blackberry Curve 8520. Watch how to get this Blackberry Curve model unlocked with ease:
  5. Blackberry Curve 8310. Watch the phone unlocking of Blackberry Curve 8310:

What details do I need to provide GSMLiberty for the unlock code?

You will need to enter the valid IMEI number of your Blackberry Curve phone without any spaces or dashes on the products page. The first 15 digits are all that is needed but the IMEI number has to be valid. The IMEI number is present underneath the phone battery or you can type *#06#* on the keypad to see the number displayed on the screen.

How do I enter the unlock code in my Blackberry model?

Here are the steps to follow in entering the unlock code in your phone. Please enter the code carefully. Note that only ten attempts are provided to dial the correct MEP unlock code in Blackberry phones. Do not exceed that or the phone might get blocked permanently. Do not use a SIM card while entering the unlock code. And remember that all the wireless radios have to be turned off.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Options
  3. Go to Advanced Options
  4. Go to SIM card
  5. Hold the ALT Key while typing in MEPE or MEPD or MEPPE or MEPPD
  6. The Blackberry Curve phone will prompt for 'Enter Network MEP Code'. The MEP code here refers to the unlock code that we provide
  7. Press in the trackball for confirmation
  8. The Blackberry Curve phone will now be unlocked

What if my Blackberry Curve remains locked after using the unlock code?

If our unlock code fails to remove the lock from your Blackberry Curve phone, GSMLiberty will refund your payment in full. No questions asked.

Unlocking FAQ

Ask us any question, we're here to help !

Supported Models

All GSM BlackBerry Curve 8520 phones!

Product Specifications:

Unlock Type: Remote unlock code based on IMEI number , you will not have to mail-in your phone
Cable Required: No, simply dial in unlock code using phones keypad
Turn around time: Unlock Codes delivered in under 24 hours Mon-Fri !
Purchasing this service DOES NOT guarantee we will generate an unlock code for your phone within the time limit above. If 24 working hours pass and you still have not received your unlock code, you are entitled to cancel your order and receive a full refund or continue to wait.
This service can stop at any point in time without prior notice, if this happens prior to receiving your code, you will be refunded within 48 hours of us being notified of this.

What does unlocking my mobile phone do for me?

This BlackBerry Curve 8520 phone SIM unlock removes the carrier lock placed by many cell providers these days. Regardless which provider you bought your mobile phone from, once your phone is unlocked you can utilize your phone with ANY GSM service provider. More details...

Is it Safe and will it work ?

Yes ! We guarantee it or your full money back ..more details

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  • Uploaded by H W


    The whole process was very quick and simple and took about 5 minutes, within the guarantee. I was very impressed with the service and would definitely use them again. I recommend for anyone who is looking to unlock there phone for a low cost and great service.

  • Uploaded by Sami A


    Gsm liberty is a great, fast, cheap and easy to use service that provides you with a code to unlock almost any phone. I found the service very user friendly and you don\'t need to be a techno geek to be able to do it your self and save a bit of money. The link you need for this great service is... From this page simply enter the make, model and imei of you phone which can be located in the settings, under the battery or on the original box. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

  • Uploaded by Sergio G


    After getting the code it\'s a piece of cake to get your mobile unlocked without risking the device whatsoever. Works in Colombia, works all around the world.

  • Uploaded by Alex R


    Como desbloquear Blackberry Curve 8520 de Claro-Puerto Rico usando los codigos de GSM Liberty