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Fido GSM phones are usually locked by Fido to only accept SIM cards from their service, IE. Fido sim cards, essentially tying down your beautiful and very smart phone to Fido’s service.
But what happens if you decide to travel and would like to use a foreign pay as you go sim card in your locked Fido phone , are you doomed to exuberant roaming fees ?
What happens if you decide that you and your phone do not wish to use Fido’s service any more and would like to move to another company , such as Koodo/Telus, Virgin, Bell, Rogers, or any other Canadian or International carrier. Do you have to buy a new unlocked phone or worse another LOCKED phone that belongs to one of these carriers ?

The answer is simply NO ! Unlocking your Fido phone is what needs to be done.
By unlocking your Fido phone you will be able to freely switch between GSM service providers by simply inserting an active sim card from GSM carrier of your choice, say Koodo for example, into your now unlocked Fido phone. This includes Regular and Pay-as-you-Go Sim cars from local and international carriers !
VOILA ! Crisis averted. Your beautiful unlocked fido phone + carrier you want = Statistics beating happy marriage.

How do you Unlock Fido Phones ?

This Fido unlock code service allows you to unlock your phone by dialling in what is called a Fido Network PIN, Fido Subsidy Code, or Fido Network Code depending on the make of your Fido phone. These unlock codes are a unique sequence of numbers composed of 8 or 16 digits that are specific to your Fido phone’s Serial Number known as IMEI.

Once you dial in your Fido unlock code, using the unlock steps provided by us, you will be able to use a different GSM network other than Fido. Of course you will still be able to use your Fido SIM card and the service attached to it as if nothing ever happened. Your Fido is unlocked and unleashed !

Which phone models from Fido are supported for unlocking?

Virtually all GSM based models from Fido are supported for unlocking. This includes:

    • Fido iPhone Unlocking : Including Unlocking Fido iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 !

      IOS6 supported and without Jailbreaking your Fido iPhone! True story.
      Infact we unlock your Fido iPhone by registering it with Apple’s servers as unlocked and all you need to do is connect it to iTunes to complete the process !
      Once unlocked, your Fido iPhone is unlocked permanently and forever ! Feel free to upgrade/downgrade your unlocked Fido iPhone , whatever you do to it , it remains permanently unlocked !
    • Fido Sony Ericsson Unlocking: Powering on your Fido Sony Ericsson phone with a non accepted simcard gives you a “Sim Network Unlock PIN” prompt ? Our service provides you with the unlock code for your Sony Ericsson phone needed to make it work with any simcard. All models supported including the popular Xperia series as the video above shows.

    • Fido Samsung Unlock Codes: Does your Fido Samsung say Enter Network PIN, Invalid SIM? We give you the Fido Samsung unlock codes you need to make it all go away .
    • Fido Galaxy Nexus Unlock Codes: Need your Fido Galaxy Nexus Unlocked ? We can definitely help you there.
    • Unlocking Fido HTC: Hero, Desire , One X whatever your Fido HTC flavour is , we have the unlock code (IE: Enter Network PIN ) for your Fido HTC phone
    • Unlock Fido LG: Does your Fido LG say Invalid SIM card or Enter Unlock Code ? No matter your Fido LG model , we have the unlock code you need. This includes your the LG fido service provider code needed to unlock LG phones from Fido.
    • Fido Motorola Subsidy Password: We provide 8 or 16 digit Fido Motorola Subsidy Codes needed to unlock Motorola phones locked to Fido.
  • Fido Nokia Restriction Codes: All the latest Nokia models from Fido are supported, including the Fido Nokia Lumia . We provide undo restriction codes for Nokia phones locked to Fido.

..and all other Fido GSM phone models ! If you are unsure if your Fido model is supported for unlocking feel free to contact us to better assist you.

Is this service guaranteed to work?

Our Fido Unlock code service is guaranteed to unlock your Fido phone with a full money back guarantee should it not work for any reason. Our support team is also available to assist you via Phone, Email and Chat should you have any questions

What you waiting for ? Scroll up and Get your Fido Unlocked !

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I unlocked my iphone 4 from Fido (Canada) using Its easy and simple. They've got the support team if ever you'll need problems unlocking your phone which is really nice. I called them at 1:00am EST and someone was there to tell me to send an email to the support team. Before I made the purchase, I shopped around other phone unlocking websites and found GSMliberty to have the lowest rate so I decided to place an order. I definitely recommend this for those who want to unlock their phones.