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Enjoy the numerous benefits of an unlocked Blackberry cell phone within minutes, literally ! Unlocking a Blackberry cell phone is done using MEP codes: A sequence of digits that is unique to every Blackberry phone. By providing us with your Blackberry’s 15 digit IMEI number ,(located on the back of your phone behind the battery or by dialing *#06# while your phone is powered on) , we will generate a unique MEP code for your phone and send it to you via email. This entire process is fully automated , is available 24 /7 and only takes a few minutes to complete.

What is an MEP Code?

Sim locked BlackBerry devices have up to five locks on them which are:

  1. MEP1: SIM Unlock Code
  2. MEP2: NCK Code (Network Unlock code)
  3. MEP3: Network Subset unlock Code
  4. MEP4: SP Code (Service Provider unlock code)
  5. MEP5: Corporate Unlock Code

These codes are either 8 or 16 digits in length and the unlock code required to unlock your Blackberry phone is either the Network unlock code (MEP 2) or the Service Provider code (MEP4). Our Blackberry unlock code service will provide you will all MEP codes needed to unlock your phone. Guaranteed !

How do I know which MEP unlock code is needed to unlock my Blackberry ?

As previously mentioned in 99.99% of cases unlocking a Blackberry phone requires either the MEP2 (Network) or MEP4 (Provider) code. If you would like to confirm which Blackberry unlock code your device requires , please do the following:

    1. Power phone on with SIM card (preferably SIM card from same provider phone is locked to this is not necessary however)
    2. Go to Manage Connections => Turn Off all connections
    3. Go to Options Menu => Advanced Options => SIM Card
    4. Press the Menu button , select Show Keyboard (landscape)
    5. In the SIM card menu type MEPD or MEPPD, or hold down the SHIFT key & type MEPD, then release Shift, (no text will appear on screen while typing)
    6. Unlocking level screen will appear

The unlocking level screen will show you the status of each lock with the words:

        • Active: This lock is active and you require the respective Blackberry MEP unlock code to remove (unlock it).
        • Disabled or In-Active : This lock is inactive (unlocked) and your device does not require the unlock code for this MEP lock

Important Note: On some devices you might see a Number next to the active/inactive status, this number informs you of the number of attempts you are allowed to enter the unlock code before your Blackberry phone stops accepting any unlock requests. It is therefore imperative that you use genuine and correct unlock codes when attempting to unlock your Blackberry phones as your number of attempts are limited and if your counter reaches 0 you will not be allowed to enter the codes again !

A fully unlocked Blackberry device is one with ALL MEP levels disabled or inactive. GSMLiberty’s Blackberry unlock code service provides you with all the MEP codes required to unlock your Blackberry device !

How do I enter my Blackberry MEP code ?

For some Blackberry phones entering your unlock codes is as easy as inserting a non allowed simcard (any simcard besides the one the phone is locked to and dialling in the Network unlock code (MEP2) when requested). Using GSMliberty’s Blackberry unlock code service you will receive your MEP codes along with fully documented instructions on how to enter them. You simply dial in the code using your Blackberry phone’s keypad and just like that your phone is fully unlocked ! Regardless which country and carrier your phone is locked to , using our MEP code service your Blackberry phone will be permanently unlocked and can be used with any compatible GSM carrier worldwide.

Is the MEP Code Guaranteed to unlock my Blackberry ?

Just like all our other services, you can rest assured we’re here to assist you via chat , email or phone 24 hours a day MON-FRI and your MEP code is guaranteed to work with a full money back refund. Videos below show real life clients , just like you, that trusted GSMLiberty to provide them with their MEP Code.

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