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It has never been so simple to obtain complete mobile freedom with an existing HTC cell phone. Just retrieve the 15 number IMEI number from the back of the HTC phone and submit it to us. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to send HT unlock codes, once your payment has been completed. Once you receive the unlock code for your phone, just dial it on your HT phone like you would dial a phone number. HTC unlocking is as fast and easy as that!

No matter which carrier you currently have, or which country the HTC phone is locked to, your phone is permanently unlocked, so that you can choose any GSM carrier around the globe. We make using your HTC phone and choosing the carrier of your choice easy and fast.

When you purchased your HTC phone from your current carrier, you may have been happy with the service and/or pricing that was made available to you. If you have not continued to be a satisfied customer, you shouldn’t have to stay with the same carrier, just because that is where you purchased your phone. With the services of GSM Liberty, your phone really does become your own property to use as you want. Obtaining and using HTC unlock codes is as simple as supplying us with your phone’s IMEI number and then dialling in the code you retrieve. HTC unlocking gives you the freedom to make your choice about which carrier offers you the best service and/or prices for your phone, and for your specific needs, right now.

You do have other options, from purchasing a new phone, if your current service is no longer the right fit for you. We can provide you with the HTC unlock codes that let you keep using your phone, without the commitment to a carrier that isn’t right for you.

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