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How it's Done

It has never been so simple to obtain complete mobile freedom with an existing HTC cell phone. Just retrieve the 15 number IMEI number from the back of the HTC phone and submit it to us. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to send HT unlock codes, once your payment has been completed. Once you receive the unlock code for your phone, just dial it on your HT phone like you would dial a phone number. HTC unlocking is as fast and easy as that!

No matter which carrier you currently have, or which country the HTC phone is locked to, your phone is permanently unlocked, so that you can choose any GSM carrier around the globe. We make using your HTC phone and choosing the carrier of your choice easy and fast.

When you purchased your HTC phone from your current carrier, you may have been happy with the service and/or pricing that was made available to you. If you have not continued to be a satisfied customer, you shouldn’t have to stay with the same carrier, just because that is where you purchased your phone. With the services of GSM Liberty, your phone really does become your own property to use as you want. Obtaining and using HTC unlock codes is as simple as supplying us with your phone’s IMEI number and then dialling in the code you retrieve. HTC unlocking gives you the freedom to make your choice about which carrier offers you the best service and/or prices for your phone, and for your specific needs, right now.

You do have other options, from purchasing a new phone, if your current service is no longer the right fit for you. We can provide you with the HTC unlock codes that let you keep using your phone, without the commitment to a carrier that isn’t right for you.

Unlocking FAQ

Ask us any question, we're here to help !

What does unlocking my mobile phone do for me?

This HTC SIM unlock removes the carrier lock placed by many cell providers these days. Regardless which GSM provider you bought your HTC mobile phone from, once your phone is unlocked you can utilize your phone with ANY GSM service provider.

Is it Safe and will it work ?

Yes ! We guarantee it or your full money back.

Clients that Trust us to get the job Done ... :


  • Uploaded by Remo W


    This is an unlock video showing the HTC Sensation XE being unlocked with a code from gsm liberty. You can get your own unlock codes at

  • Uploaded by Nhan-ai T


    I have a T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G from the U.S. that I wanted to unlock in order to use in Kenya. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do. I submitted my order on GSM Liberty\'s website, promptly received an email with the code, and unlocked it as seen in the video. Very simple! :)

  • Uploaded by Hamza T


    Phone unlocking through GSMLiberty. Fast & reliable service. Also very easy to do. HTC Amaze 4G was locked with Wind Mobile . GSMLiberty offers Delivery Time guarantee along with Price Match guarantee

  • Uploaded by Shaun O


    How easy it was to unlock my wife\'s HTC Desire C using so I could remove the Telstra SIM and use her new SIM from Dodo Australia. So easy and quick, only took about 15 minutes, and less than $15!

  • Uploaded by S P


    How I unlocked my HTC One x smartphone locked to AT&T USA using service in less than 2 minutes!

  • Uploaded by Amado Enrique C


    i unlock my htc desire C with this amazing webpage, i first didnt think it will work. BUt i got mesmerized and here is the proof... i bout the code from them and i just unlocked my phone from Virgin (canada) and now i can use it for Telcel (mexico)

  • Uploaded by Kunal O


    Excellent unlocking service-code delivered within 10mins! The actual unlocking took less than 2 mins.

  • Uploaded by Christian M


    1st go to GSMLIBERTY.NET 2nd choose type of phone manufacture, model and carrier 3rd purchase your code 4th place new sim card from another carrier, turn your phone on and enter your code. and its thats simple.

  • Uploaded by Milan R


    HTC Desire C Unlock with

  • Uploaded by Jesús V


    The unlock code for HTC One X version can be bought here: It was very easy to buy this code, you only need to give the phone\'s IMEI and you\'ll get the unlock code in less than 10 minutes (I got mine in 5 minutes). Once obtained you only have to input the code after you put the SIM card in and be asked for the unlock code.

  • Uploaded by Patricia S


    My sister got a new cellphone on her birthday and gave me her HTC HD2 phone. I needed to unlock the phone (it was going to be used in Peru) so I went online to find out if that was even possible. I read got reviews for from lots of people at a blog page so I after reviewing other websites, I decided to go with They offer a US$14.95 fee to unlock almost any cellphone. They even offer to match others competitors prices! The best thing about is that they have a Toll free number, Chat, Email and Skype contact information posted on their website... most companies only have an email contact info. I got my unlock code longer than expected (not after 3-10 minutes), but this was because they wanted to make sure that nobody else was using my credit card (the purchase was made while in Peru, using my US american credit card) so at the end I was even more convince that they were a serious and reliable company. Now, I am a happy HTC HD2 cellphone user. I would recommend this company to anyone.... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • Uploaded by Jaimea-Rae H


    Easy & cheap to use. Code worked straight away as showed.

  • Uploaded by Enric C


    This video shows how I unlock my new HTC Desire C mobile phone that I bought with O2 (UK). I got the unlock code from ( and I unlock the phone in order to use it with my T-Mobile (UK) SIM card. It is the first time I do it and I found the whole process very straigthforward. I must admit that I am not an expert in doing this kind of things and this is my first smartphone. I would like also to stress the great service of GSMLiberty. Their online chat service is excellent and I received the unlock code to my email account in just 5 minutes. Quick, fast and reliable. I would strongly recommend GSMLiberty to anyone and would definitely go back to GSMLiberty.

  • Uploaded by Edward T


    This blurry video gives the run-down of how to unlock the HTC One X Rogers/AT&T versions. Simple process overall and can be done in 15 minutes. Link to One X code: Steps: 1. Order unlock code from above link using your IMEI 2. Once code has been received, insert a SIM card originally not native to the phone (in my case, anything but Rogers) 3. Boot up phone, enter code when prompted 4. Allow phone to reboot, and enter the correct APN settings for your carrier 5. Have a beer.

  • Uploaded by Heather T


    I had a pretty easy time with this-it unlocked the phone (HTC 4G MYTOUCH) immediately. The phone still doesn\'t work with a Verizon card-but I figure that\'s my problem. At least we can sell it a little easier now... Here\'s a link to the product at their store:

  • Uploaded by Chantel L


    I had a T-Mobile cell phone that I was sending to my bf in Kuwait. In order for him to use it, he had to have an international SIM card. So, I had to unlock my MyTouch phone. I went to, pulled up which phone I had, and purchased the unlock code. They then emailed it to me, and this is me unclocking it. It was so easy! They provide a great service, and I will be going back to them for more unlock codes in the future!

  • Uploaded by Pieter B


    super easy to unlock dutch vodafone wildfire s with

  • Uploaded by Fasih S


    Unlocking my Amaze 4g I got the code from WWW.GSMLIBERTY.NET I have always got all my unlocking codes from them SUPER FAST.