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Thinking of what to do with a locked Huawei K4505 modem? You can easily get the lock removed from the Huawei modem with unlock software from GSMLiberty. We have been providing unlock software for a number of years and have clients all over the world. We accept orders over the phone or on the GSMLiberty website, Once we receive your payment, the unlock software will be delivered to your email inbox along with the unlocking instructions. Just follow the instructions to get the lock removed from your Huawei K4505 within minutes. If our software fails to remove the lock, we guarantee a full refund.

For months I have paid heavy roaming charges for my locked Huawei modem. What can I do to get it unlocked?

You can easily and safely get the lock removed with unlock software.

What is the reason for the lock in the first place?

Often service providers will lock the device to their service so that the user cannot use it with any other compatible GSM Service provider.

Can keeping the lock intact put me at a loss?

If you don't unlock your modem, you will not be able to use your modem with any other GSM network providers. You might also have a problem while traveling abroad and have to pay heavy roaming charges. Unlocking your modem will increase its resale value.

Can I be sure that using the unlock software will not harm my Huawei modem?

If you purchase your genuine unlock software from a reputable unlock software provider, you will have a guarantee that the modem will not be harmed. In addition, the warranty remains intact.

Is there any need to get the modem unlocked in the future, once the lock is removed?

No, the unlocking process is permanent. Once the modem is unlocked, there is no need to repeat the unlock process.

Where can I purchase genuine unlock software?

You can purchase your software from us, GSMLiberty. We accept orders over the phone or through the GSMLiberty website, Just provide the details on the products page. Once we receive your information and your payment, we will deliver your unlock software to your email inbox.

Can I use the unlock software on my own?

Yes, the directions for using it are easy to follow so you can use the software yourself. However, if you have a problem or question please do not hesitate to contact us. If the software is used incorrectly, the Huawei modem might get hard locked.

What is the procedure for using the unlock software in my Huawei K4505 modem?

Once you have received the unlock software from us; just connect your Huawei K4505 modem to the computer using the standard USB cable or the connector that comes with the device. Run the unlock program, carefully following the instructions. Your Huawei modem will be unlocked within a few minutes.

Am I entitled to a refund if the unlock software does not work?

Yes you are. In the rare case that the unlock software from GSMLiberty fails to remove the lock from the Huawei broadband K4505 modem you will get a full refund.

Unlocking FAQ

Ask us any question, we're here to help !

Supported Models

All GSM Huawei K4505 models!

Product Specifications:

Unlock Type: Instant remote unlock via cable and software, you will not have to mail in your modemCable Required: Yes, cable that comes with the modem will do fine. If you do not have a cable simply select the option from the drop down menu below to have a cable mailed out to you (extra charge)Turn around time: INSTANT unlock instructions are delivered instantly after payment via EMAIL Ease of Use: Easy , some driver installation is required, no other complications

What does unlocking my mobile phone do for me?

This Huawei K4505 modem SIM unlock removes the carrier lock placed by many cell providers these days. Regardless which provider you bought your Huawei K4505 mobile modem from, once your modem is unlocked you can utilize your modem with ANY GSM service provider. More details...

Is it Safe and will it work ?

Yes ! We guarantee it or your full money back ..more details

Clients that Trust us to get the job Done ... :


  • Uploaded by Gerardo D


    Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) with a code purchased in fast service, received code in 1 hour and worked flawlessly, 100% recommended. Desbloque mi celular Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) con un codigo comprado en Rapido servicio, recibí el codigo en 1 hora y funcionó a la perfección, 100% recomendado.

  • Uploaded by Pablo E


    Hey guys, this is my locked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 and I unlocked it with the code I bought from to be able to use it in South America with a local carrier. I looked all over the internet for a free way of doing it and after everything failed I decided to give these guys a shot and it worked perfectly! I got my code within 4 hours of paying for it, pretty straight forward service.

  • Uploaded by Robert B


    I unlocked my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with them.. within a short time I was e-mailed my unlock code. Very easy & simple.. will definitely come back to them for more!

  • Uploaded by Matthew M


    I just purchased an AT&T locked Samsung Galaxy S4, and wanted to unlock it to use it on the T-Mobile $30/month plan. The free methods of unlocking didn\'t work for me, so as I explored the paid options I saw that had great reviews so I gave it a shot. The unlock code cost $29.99 and arrived within 8 hours. I do wish it had been a little faster as I was anxious to use my phone, but it was by no means delayed. Entering the unlocking code was incredibly easy (they provide foolproof instructions) and it unlocked the device immediately. I couldn\'t be happier. 5/5 stars.