Samsung Unfreeze Codes

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How it's Done

Remove the phone freeze message that appears on your Samsung phone by dialing in your unique Samsung unfreeze code.

Simply provide us with the IMEI (serial number of your Samsung device) and model of your phone. We will then calculate the unfreeze code and send it to you by email with the steps to dial in the code. Note you will also be provided with all other unlock codes you might need to unlock your Samsung , including the NCK (Network) Code

Once phone freeze is removed you can dial in the network unlock code which will also be provided for your Samsung phone! Finally enjoy using your Samsung phone with other GSM service providers!

How do I know if I need a Samsung Unfreeze Code ?

Your Samsung will display a message that resembles one of the following:

  • Phone Frozen
  • Phone Freeze
  • Hardlock Enter Unfreeze Code

Note: If your Samsung phone request a Network or Simlock code only then you do not need the unfreeze code and we advise you to use our Samsung Unlock code Service that could be faster and cheaper!

What code are provided with the Unfreeze Code

All of them ! This service is guaranteed to return all the unlock codes required , including your Samsung unfreeze code.
You will not have to purchase the network unlock code separately everything you need to unlock any Samsung hard locked phone is provided.

Is this service Guaranteed ?

Absolutely and 100% positively guaranteed to work or your money back !

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Clients that Trust us to get the job Done ... :

Uploaded by Krishnakumar Shanmugasundaram

Phone: ATT samsung galaxy S5 unlock with Quick tips: a. Please donot use wifi or aeroplane mode during unlock. b. Just send your IMEI number and pay at they will send the unlock code c. You will get 4 codes 1. network, 2. provider, 3. subprovider 4. defreeze, in most cases use Network unock code that would be more than enough. d. Unlock code will be delivered within an hour from the time you paid

Uploaded by Dezarae Massey

I unlock my USA AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 with GSMLiberty code. All I did was put in my new SIM card from T Mobile and input the network unlock code acquired from GSMLiberty. I messed up inputting the unlock code the first time around, but was successful when I input the code correctly. This was a great purchase and extremely easy to execute. I received the code extremely quickly, within 2 hours.

Uploaded by charles maier

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747M Android version 4.4.2 Unlock with Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 ..... The process takes only a few minutes , easy to follow instructions , Enjoy your phone anywhere in the world ! go here to get your phone unlocked !

Uploaded by Krishnakumar Shanmugasundaram

Phone: ATT samsung galaxy S5 unlock with Quick tips: a. Please donot use wifi or aeroplane mode during unlock. b. Just send your IMEI number and pay at they will send the unlock code c. You will get 4 codes 1. network, 2. provider, 3. subprovider 4. defreeze, in most cases use Network unock code that would be more than enough. d. Unlock code will be delivered within an hour from the time you paid

Uploaded by charles maier

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747M Android version 4.4.2 Unlock with Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 ..... The process takes only a few minutes , easy to follow instructions , Enjoy your phone anywhere in the world ! go here to get your phone unlocked !

Uploaded by David Kircos

I bought today a Samsung unlock code at for my Samsung Galaxy S5 which was locked to Personal Argentina Carrier, and it worked perfectly fine thats why I´m doing this video right now for you to know how fast and easy it is. Here I explain you how to do it. First Step, send your imei and pay for your code.- Then you will receive the code via e-mail You shut down your phone, instert a non-accepted sim card, and turn it on again. You will get a message to enter your network code, which is the one GSMliberty provides you. Enter the code, and you instantly unlocked your phone.

Uploaded by Balazs Sziranyi

Galaxy Alpha ( G850F) was not even on \'s list but they advised to use a close model like Galaxy S5. They unlocked my Alpha in about 3 hours and works perfectly!!

Uploaded by Juan Ghiglione

Motorola Milestone 2 - Stock Carrier: Personal Argentina Unlocked with code provided by GSMLiberty. Highly recommended. Awesome service and serious work. Trust them!

Uploaded by Jonathan Ma Tapicer

Worked perfectly, top quality service. They were fast and precise.

Uploaded by Fábio Bexiga

I wanted to unlock my phone and after watching some videos of GSMLiberty I went on their website, selected my phone manufacturer, model and the network it was locked to, inserted my IMEI and the network it was locked to and made the order which was estimated to be delivered in 12h-48h but I got it after 4 h. Excellent service. Manufacturer: Samsung Model: Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305) Network it was locked to: Vodafone Portugal

Uploaded by Gerardo Diaz Caballeros

Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) with a code purchased in fast service, received code in 1 hour and worked flawlessly, 100% recommended. Desbloque mi celular Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) con un codigo comprado en Rapido servicio, recibí el codigo en 1 hora y funcionó a la perfección, 100% recomendado.

Uploaded by Pablo Espinoza

Hey guys, this is my locked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 and I unlocked it with the code I bought from to be able to use it in South America with a local carrier. I looked all over the internet for a free way of doing it and after everything failed I decided to give these guys a shot and it worked perfectly! I got my code within 4 hours of paying for it, pretty straight forward service.

Uploaded by Robert Badalov

I unlocked my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with them.. within a short time I was e-mailed my unlock code. Very easy & simple.. will definitely come back to them for more!

Uploaded by Jennifer Quinto

I just purchased an AT&T locked Samsung Galaxy S4, and wanted to unlock it to use it on the T-Mobile $30/month plan. The free methods of unlocking didn\'t work for me, so as I explored the paid options I saw that had great reviews so I gave it a shot. The unlock code cost $29.99 and arrived within 8 hours. I do wish it had been a little faster as I was anxious to use my phone, but it was by no means delayed. Entering the unlocking code was incredibly easy (they provide foolproof instructions) and it unlocked the device immediately. I couldn\'t be happier. 5/5 stars.


GSMLiberty sent the unlock code for Samsung Galaxy S Plus within 30 minutes after the payment. They\'re reliable and very fast. Strongly recommend!

Uploaded by Josh Erewein

I used to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3 from the bell network. As the video shows, the unlock process was way simpler than I had expected. The email showed a solid 7-15 step process depending on which process you choose. I did it all in 2 steps and it was a breeze!

Uploaded by Bonnie Tan

Video of me unlocking my Vodafone SAMSUNG Galaxy S3/III GT i9300T with codes


It\'s real! I was afraid about the work of the company, but the service is reliable.

Uploaded by Jared McRorie

A video showing the result of the unlock code for my Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 from .

Uploaded by Jennifer Quinto

I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy phone that I unlocked to use with MetroPCS with GSMLiberty.Net. Using this service was VERY EASY and fast and you can check out using Paypal. It was totally worth it!

Uploaded by antonio barnes

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH747 Unlock with I was glad it worked right away, i used another company before and it didn\'t work right away. Even though they were helpful in getting the right code later, there\'s nothing like doing it right the first time! When the video starts i had already installed my T-mobile sim card. They also offer a guarantee see below. Let me know how it went if you\'ve tried it.

Uploaded by Diana Park

I easily unlocked my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with a code I received from GSM Liberty.

Uploaded by Jennfer Profili

Successful unlock of my Galaxy S2 (i77) using code from Phone was locked to AT&T and we changed to T-Mobile. AT&T were unwilling to unlock for us but the good folks at GSM Liberty came through. Quick and easy process - worked first time! Thanks, guys!

Uploaded by husam katoue

Hey, this is me using to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 which was locked to Telus mobility. The process was amazing and really quick. They were also the cheapest one i\'ve found online, and replied to my emails quite fast.

Uploaded by Curtis Shane

showing the entering of the unlock code received from GSMLiberty and it successfully being unlocked. For a Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-1747M Unlock with while running Android version 4.4.2 - A Great and Easy Experience! The overall process was fast and i would highly recommend them. Try

Uploaded by william lewis

Permanently Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 I337M Bell

Uploaded by Meng Pei Hsieh

I tried to get my Samsung S3 unlocked from the Wind network to use with Rogers. I went to 3 separate places and did not get a satisfactory price I was looking for. I am in Canada and Wind\'s FAQ states that the price would be $30.00. 1. Mobile shop in Richmond, B.C - quoted $40.00 because I\'m on the latest firmware. I thought I might as well get official Wind staff to do it. 2. Wind store in downtown - says they can unlock for $30.00 but I\'d have to wait up to a month. No way. 3. Mobile store in downtown - quoted $60.00 + plus $85 for the water damage (No thanks, my phone has been exposed to water but it is in working order) After inquiring these places, I turned to the internet and did it myself by buying the code. It didn\'t work the first try and I had to read through the trouble shooting section but I\'m glad they included that in the email instructions and that it worked.

Uploaded by husam katoue

Here is me unlocking my Samsung Galaxy s4 with, my phone is locked to Telus, and as you can see in the video, it works with another carrier once i put the unlock code in. They were quite quick and cheap with proving my code. Great site, strongly recommended.

Uploaded by Gerardo Diaz Caballeros

My phone was locked to the network Claro in Guatemala but now it works on any after trying more than once! I received it in a timely manner and it worked as you can see in the video. Thanks!

Uploaded by Adarsh Khokal

Unlocked my Samsung S3 locked to Telus Canada via GSMLiberty. I must say they provide excellent service which includes a 24/7 tech support and frequent e-mail updates. The code was delivered within the short time frame of 13-18hours as promised and worked like a charm. All one needed to do in my case was to type in the unlock code that was sent. Super easy. Thank you very much GSMLiberty!

Uploaded by Mahesh P

Hai this the Simple way to unlock Canadas Virgin Samsung Galaxy S2 X. Order your code by selecting the model Samsung Galaxy S2 X and select carier as koodo canada an then enter the IMEI no by dialing *#06# in your phone and place your order. In one to two hours you will receive your network code then insert simcard other than your regular carrier and then it asks for the code then type the code you received and its all done it says network unlocked. all the best

Uploaded by Elsi Espinoza

Unlocked my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 to be able to use it with Movistar in Peru in a few easy steps thanks to I was skeptical at first when I got an email saying that they couldn\'t produce a code but that I could get my money back or for an extra fee ($5 USD) they could search a wider data base... AND IT WORKED!!! Both times I got an email back within 3 hours, these guys are great!

Uploaded by Miguel Batalha

Tempo de resposta verdadeiramente rápido. Chat de assistência muito bom. Gostei e ficou uma referência. Acima de tudo. Objectivo alcançado. O meu Galaxy S3 pode agora receber um cartão SIM de outra operadora. Time truly quick response. Chat very good tour. Liked and got a reference. Above all. Objective achieved. My Galaxy S3 can now receive a SIM card from another carrier.

Uploaded by Jason Hua

This is a video of my first time using a network unlock code from for Rogers. I used a Kooda SIM to unlock.

Uploaded by Dario Caceres

Just got my Samsung Note 3 AT&T unlocked by, amazingly fast service, got my unlock code with in 30 mins, super fast service, highly recommend.

Uploaded by Andres Conde

AT&T Samsung S5 SM-G900 Unlock with . Great and speedy service, the phone unlocked in seconds in the FIRST try. Amazing

Uploaded by Cristopher Poveda

The GSMLIberty service is amazing. I had a great customer service experience. I bought the unlock codes for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and a couple of hours later I had them emailed to me. Once I received the unlock codes I read the instructions and entered the numbers in my Galaxy S4 keyboard and it was unlocked immediately. Now, I can use my phone with ANY cell phone company around the world. isn\'t this amazing?

Uploaded by Andrea Vysocky

Published on 28 Jul 2014 Just in Minutes unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500). (Claro Argentina, network locked phone) Great service, cheap, fastest response and their codes works great. I\'ve paid for unlock codes in another websites and none of them had codes for this phone, has done it great and just in minutes.

Uploaded by Mahesh P

Hai this the Simple way to unlock Canadas koodo Samsung Galaxy S3. Order your code by selecting the model Samsung Galaxy S3 and select carier as koodo Mobile canada an then enter the IMEI no by dialing *#06# in your phone and place your order. In 30 to 60 minutes you will receive your network code then insert simcard other than your regular carrier and then it asks for the code then type the code you received and its all done it says network unlocked. all the best

Uploaded by shawn wang

Very smooth and extremely easy experience. Phone, the Samsung S4, was locked to Bell Canada. Purchased the code and it arrived within 30 minutes. Basically turned off the phone, put in another carrier\'s sim card, rebooted and entered the code when prompted. That was it! Phone is fully unlocked now.

Uploaded by Cory Nixon

My S2 was networked locked to Bell Mobility. Once you receive your unlock code by email just put your SIM card in and follow the video. One thing though, I had to buy GSMLiberty\'s advanced database search as the first search didn\'t come back with a network code, so it was an extra $10 for a total of $30, no big deal. Thanks GSMLiberty, I used your product 3 times now with no issues, thanks!

Uploaded by Phoebe Livsey

Unlocking my AT&T Samsung Note with

Uploaded by Dario Caceres

Hey, this is a tutorial on how to use the services from I contacted them about this particular AT&T Samsung Note 3 code and they answered me right away.Great customer service.

Uploaded by Balazs Sziranyi

This is the proofing video how the GSMliberty provided unlock code works on Hungarian Vodafone locked Galaxy S5!

Uploaded by Jamal Smith

GSM Liberty is king!!! Unlocking my phone was ridiculously easy and their unlock pins work!... Anyone that wants to unlock their phone\'s full potential please visit the site. You won\'t be disappointed.

Uploaded by Cláudio Oliveira

Visit today to get the unlocking code for your phone. It is quick and easy, with a very reasonable price.

Uploaded by Adnan Imamovic

Hello, I recently purchased a Samsung Gaaxy S4 from the US and brought it over seas to Europe, I was shocked when I noticed it did not let me use my European SIM. After some \"googling\" I stumbled across a website called \" GSMLIBERTY.NET \" which was a network unlock sim code provider which was needed for use of providers aside from the one your phone was locked to. Of course I had doubts of if it was a \"Legit\" website so I did some research and noticed alot of good reviews from honest people. So after that I bought the code off there website, and after a couple of hours I received an email with the code. I tried the code and it worked it was very cheap they charged me 10x as much just to unlock it here in a cellular store.

Uploaded by Shushu Liu

Visit today to get the unlocking code for your phone. It is quick and easy, with a very reasonable price. I followed the steps on their website, and I got my code ready in 45mins.

Uploaded by Sunil Kumar

t\'s is really wonderful and easy to unlock your phone with GSM liberty. They gave me an unlock code for my Samsung Jack, which was locked with ATT USA and it worked without any issue. I highly recommend them to use their service to unlock it.

Uploaded by Solomon Squire

This is a video about me unlocking my Samsung S3 phone from the Bell Network in order to use a different carrier. I got the codes from GSMLiberty. They are currently having a promo that if you upload a video of the unlock process, they will refund your cost for the codes...that is just AWESOME!!

Uploaded by Luis Mejía

I successfully unlocked my AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, with the code that I got from Even that my cell-phone was recently bought attached to a contract, was able to provide the unlock code, so I\'m very happy for that. In the video, I say .com, but it\'ll redirect you to .net site.

Uploaded by Stefan Warecka

I couldnt unlock my S4 with the free unlock method, thats why i used GSMliberty, and i have to say, it´s cheap , reliable and works :)

Uploaded by Jose Gallarday

A friend of mine bought a Samsung Exhibit 4G in USA, from Metro PCS, that\'s T-Mobile USA. Now She is in South America, and will be in Peru for a while, so She needs to use her phone here, but it is network locked. She visited me on Sunday afternoon and after browsing Internet during an hour to find the best option to unlock her phone, I landed on I bought the service, paid with paypal and in less than 45 minutes I received the network unlock code (and others like provider, freeze unlock codes which for now I don\'t need), which I could enter and now my friend is pretty happy. These guys from GSMliberty really know what they are doing and their service is really outstanding. I won\'t doubt to use their service again and recommend them.

Uploaded by Aaron Karakowsky

n this video you will learn how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 using an unlock code purchased from GSM Liberty to

Uploaded by Jeffrey Didier

How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 using code from

Uploaded by Ana Lourenço

Short Video of the simple process of unlocking my Bell Mobility Phone Samsung Galaxy W T679M. I\'ve purchased the unlock code from and can be found here: . It was really easy to purchase the code, the payment was safe, the instructions clear and it was a really quick operation.

Uploaded by Helder Freitas

45 Minutes lates my phone was unlocked!

Uploaded by Dustin Parr

A short video about how easy it was to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGH-i317m) locked to the Bell Network (Canada) with a code provided by

Uploaded by Esther Shen

This video is to show you how to unlock an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. The unlock code was purchased from The unlocking process is very easy and straightforward. Anyone can do it!

Uploaded by Ryan Terani

Visit and get a code to unlock your phone. It\'s fast and the lowest price. It took me 45 minute to unlock my phone.

Uploaded by manmeet singh

Very good service . took 15 mins .

Uploaded by Charles Leger

Example of using GSMliberty code to unlock network access on T-Mobile exclusive Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G ... GSMliberty will provide codes for many other phones ... to accesss T-Mobile section of GSMliberty

Uploaded by Philippe kielbasinski

samsung note 3 sm-n900w8 bell mobility unlock with replacing carrier to globe phillippines .... i also tested fido rogers and telus networks and they all work perfectly the service with gsmliberty was fast and worked perfectly the only thing is i had to pay an extra 8 dollars to have a secound database search once i accepted the second database it toke 30 minutes to have an email with my unlock code i highly recommend for unlocking your device

Uploaded by David Ford

I used Gsmliberty.Net to unlock my AT&T Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337). This process took about 30-45 minutes and the steps were easy to follow. I will continue to use to unlock all my devices. Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License

Uploaded by husam katoue

Amazing experience with GSMliberty. Unlocked my Bell Samsung Note 2 very quickly. I received the code in less than half an hour for fairly cheap compare to other websites. Highly recommended

Uploaded by paula caravias

This is a tutorial where i show you, how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is locked to an Argentinian carrier (Personal). You first, you make the purchase sending them your imei. They will send you an email within the next hours (it depends what phone do you have) with the unlock code, so you just have to insert a chip from other company in order to insert the code. Thats it... ITS EASY! CHEAP! AND YOU REALLY GET YOUR PHONE UNLOCKED! GSMLiberty is a serious company, no like the other that they lie to their customers or the method is difficult because you have to download softwares. I hope you enjoy the video, sorry for my rusty English.

Uploaded by Alex Brown

This was the most legit site I could find with a quick turnaround and the lowest price. Ordered code at 10:15PM, received the code at 11:00PM (all on a Sunday night) which was within the time frame specified on the product page. Followed the clear instructions included in the email, entered code and voila! Phone is now unlocked. I was able to make calls and text immediately on the Telus network. I highly recommend the service. Thanks!

Uploaded by Young Shik Kim

The first unlock attempt is shown failing. It could have been me who forgot to turn off the WIFI and Airplane Mode before entering the code. Before the second attempt, I made sure WIFI and Airplane Mode were disabled, and followed the code error message solution that comes together with the unlock code from The solution is straightforward to follow. And it unlocked the phone at the second attempt !! There are so many web sites with similar names. It is hard to tell who to trust in terms of the service promise. I went to one web site and could not get the unlock code after even several days and waiting for their refund as they agreed that they could not fulfill the promise. (, on the other hand, delivered the unlock code 12 minutes after they sent order confirmation. must be so confident on the codes they provide because they indeed encourages the people to make and post the video to Vimeo or Youtube when they unlock the phones with their codes

Uploaded by krishnakumar shanmugasundaram

Phone: ATT samsung galaxy S4 unlock with Quick tips: a. Please donot use wifi or aeroplane mode during unlock. b. Just send your IMEI number and pay at they will send the unlock code c. You will get 4 codes 1. network, 2. provider, 3. subprovider 4. defreeze, in most cases use Network unock code that would be more than enough. d. Unlock code will be delivered within an hour from the time you paid

Uploaded by xavier Edwards


Uploaded by xavier Edwards

AT&T Samsung S3 i747 Unlock code with EASY FAST & RELIABLE UNLOCKING PROCESS

Uploaded by dacoda lee

Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M Unlock With

Uploaded by Juan Pablo Gonzalez Holmann

How to unlock ATT Samsung Galaxy SII unlock with to be used on any network, in this case for Movistar in Nicaragua.

Uploaded by palanivel athimoolam

AT&T Samsung S4 Unlock with\' replacing AT&T Samsung S4

Uploaded by Brayan Albrich Aspi Huanca

S4 from Entel SA Bolivia unlocked .

Uploaded by Geoffrey Kleine-Deters

Cost less than bell, took about 12 mins after I paid to receive code.

Uploaded by Rodolfo Ulloa Huerta

Factory unlock At&t Samsung Galaxy S4 I337 with The unlock process is very simple, 1. You will need to enter the phone IMEI into the link below, you can find your email on the back cover of your phone or by dialing *#06# on your cell phone dialer 2. Once you have purchased the unlock code, will email you a unlock code to the email provided or from your paypal account. 3. Insert a foreing sim card in the cell phone and turn the phone ON. 4. A unlock screen will appear and you just simply put in the code provided by and you will be all set to use the phone with any carrier. NOTE: This is a permanent unlock! you will never need purchase another unlock code neither it will lock itself if there is a firmware update for your cellphone.

Uploaded by Jimmy Hong

I unlocked my phone in less than 30 minutes This video shows my Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M with a ROGERS sim card inserted. The \"Locked Sim\" message prevents phone from being used. I ordered a FACTORY unlock code from and found not only did they have the best prices on the internet (at the time for my specific model/carrier), but they had a gauranteed delivery time of 32 MINUTES or the service is FREE! I received my code within 10 minutes and was extremely satisfied with their service, and the detailed explanation of step by step what to expect and how to unlock the phone. My phone is now FACTORY unlocked, it cost me much less than what BELL would have charged to provide me the same code, and I was able to use my phone RIGHT AWAY with any sim from any carrier the same afternoon I acquired the phone. It is an amazing phone by the way. Highly recommended! I am a customer for life, I will definitely go back for friends/relatives future phone unlocks!

Uploaded by Mahesh P

Unlocked my Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 using codes.

Uploaded by Miles Rickard

Thanks to GSM Liberty. They did a wonderful job! It unlocks so QUICK, SIMPLE & EASY!!

Uploaded by Sean Lim

I just used GSM Liberty to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S4 which was locked to the Bell Mobility network. I am with Rogers and my phone now works flawlessly. Thanks so much GSM Liberty for your prompt response.

Uploaded by Nam Kyun Kim

GSMLiberty was fast,quick and reliable. i would definitely recommend. 24hour chatting service was super helpful on ordering process. so make sure you try them as well.

Uploaded by A Gazdar

Very easy and fast unlock for Bell Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 with I would recommend using

Uploaded by Mahesh P

Simplest way to unlock your phone !

Uploaded by Alex Singer

This is a video showing the unlocking of a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone that was locked to AT&T. An unlock code from was used and it worked perfectly! I was up and running my unlocked phone on T-Mobile in a couple of minutes.

Uploaded by Anas Siddiqui

My Phone was locked on Orange-UK network as shown in the video. Phone model number: Samsung Omnia HD i8910 I unlocked my phone with GSM Liberty by just providing them with necessary details. Its simple, easy and fast. I got my code within 10 minutes of paying.

Uploaded by Jeevan kumar gudivada

Hai this the Simple way to unlock Canadas ROGERS AND FIDO Samsung Galaxy S3. Order your code by selecting the model Samsung Galaxy S3 and select carier as ROGERS OR FIDO Mobile canada an then enter the IMEI no by dialing *#06# in your phone and place your order. In 30 to 60 minutes you will receive your network code then insert simcard other than your regular carrier and then it asks for the code then type the code you received and its all done it says network unlocked. all the best

Uploaded by Alfredo Barrios

T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 _ Unlocked with Succesfully unlocked my device - Samsung SGH-T679. Bought the code, received the code, unlocked the phone...As easy as 1-2-3 !! My third succesfully experience with (samsung phones).

Uploaded by Dario Caceres

Very fast and highly recommended and the most reputable Unlocking Service. I recorded this video using a Samsung galaxy s4 which was also unlocked using Here is link to purchase the unlock code.

Uploaded by Mohammed Islam

I easily unlocked my S4 locked to T-Mobile with the code I

Uploaded by Arunkumar Byravan

Unlocked my AT&T Samsung Focus SGH-I917 using the following service from The procedure was straightforward and the code worked properly. The only complaint is that GSMLiberty took a week to send me the code compared to the advertised time (1 day).

Uploaded by Félix Vincent Ardea

Very recommended, they are fast, easy and efficient. The unlocking code arrives very quickly and works


Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S4 with . Very quick email delivery of the unlock code!

Uploaded by Angelo Matias

I searched the internet far and wide for the cheapest and the most reputable Unlocking Service. After a few hours of comparing different services I found! I spoked with a Customer Service rep via online chat and they were able to answer my questions and put me at ease. After purchasing an unlock code, I ate breakfast and 15 minutes later, I received an e-mail with the Unlock code

Uploaded by Alfredo Barrios

T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 - Unlocked with Succesfully unlocked my device - Samsung SGH-T679. Bought the code, received the code, unlocked the phone...As easy as 1-2-3 !! My second succesfully experience with (both samsung phones)

Uploaded by husam katoue

I unlocked my phone using GSMLiberty.Net. There service is amazing. It was quick and cheap. I got my code in less than an hour, and after seeing other sites pricing, i found this one to be the cheapest.

Uploaded by

Hi, this is my first ever video and it worked out swell in the end. I inherited a Samsung Galaxy S2 and wasn\'t brave enought to go thru with a custom unlock or root as some forums would have described. It does not sound 100% safe. Instead I found who stated they could get me all the unlocking details I needed for my S2, network code, provider/subprovider code & defreeze code. They even stated they would have it e-delivered within 22 minutes! I was sceptical at that but the reviews were good and at the \'unlock your phone\' screen all I was asked to enter was the phone make, model, IMEI number (*#06#) and carrier which was 3 mobile. Voila - after checking availability I purchased and 15 minutes later I had my code. Only for the fact I recorded this I would have unlocked it immediately but all in all I\'m well impressed with the service provided by GSMLiberty. I\'ll recommend you to anyone and once more you were 4 times cheaper than one High street unlocking store I rang.Phone is 100% unlocked working flawlessly, even after updating to the latest update software. Thanks

Uploaded by Lehi Briscoe

Hi I recently bought an unlock code for my new Galaxy S4 on O2 and I thought I\'d share the experience with you guys ^^ I bought unlock codes twice from another site and had to get a refund twice but eventually I found this one and here\'s a video showing how it worked for me, it is really fast tbh and doesn\'t need any special program you just do it on start up, and the code arrived really quickly after being bought so winwinwin don\'t have to use just O2 anymore :D freedom! xD And this is the specific link to unlock your galaxy s4! ^^ If you don\'t use a Samsung you can just change the brand and so on

Uploaded by Mohammed Islam

I easily unlocked my S4 locked to O2 network with the code I purchased from GSMliberty it was the cheapest available online & it worked first time.


Samsung SGH-A867 (Eternity) unfreezed and unlocked from AT&T with codes provided by

Uploaded by Juan Pablo Gonzalez Holmann

This video shows how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Note from At&t to be used freely with any carrier in the world. The services is provided by and it is fast, easy, secure and fun to do. Este video muestra como desbloquear un telefono Samsung Galaxy Note de At&t para poder ser utilizado con cualquier proveedor en el mundo. El servicio es suministrado por y es rapido, facil, seguro y divertido.

Uploaded by Hernan Medina

Lighting fast experience and very easy to order codes to unlock any phone from any carrier. Outstanding service, professional, fast and really works. My carrier Personal have sent me the code but was no good. Only was able to unlock my phone. On this video you can clearly watch a Personal locked Motorola Milestone 2 being unlocked with a Movistar SIM. Thanks for watching this video. Hernan, a happy customer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Uploaded by Cornelia Nastasescu

The code is provided to you in less than 1 hr after you order. Instructions clear. Honest, excellent service.

Uploaded by Yechiel Samet

In this video I\'m going to show you how I successfully unlocked my Videotron galaxy S4 with unlock code purchased from

Uploaded by Lynn Harvey

Unlock code for the Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679 was bought from, delivered within 3-4 hours as promised and worked perfectly. Phone was unlocked from T-Mobile USA to any network. I would highly recommend GSM liberty for prompt, easy service and a wealth of customer support available.

Uploaded by Steven Douglass

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-mobile or..... any phone by Unlock Code. Simply enter an unlock code and BREAK FREE free your phone\'s Network.

Uploaded by Steven Douglass


Uploaded by A C BUCKNER

This is a video of me unlocking a Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 from its locked network (Orange) for use with any network - in my case Virgin Mobile.

Uploaded by Dario Caceres

This is a video showing how I unlocked my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 with the code that I bought from You can also buy codes for unlocking almost every other cellphone. First I show you guys that I don\'t have any service since the cellphone is still locked. The you see the e-mail I got from Afterwards, you see the sim card I am trying to use, after that I enter the code I bought and I am able to make calls and have service due to the successful unlock. I looked all over the internet for the cheapest and fastest unlocker and GSMLiberty were the best ones I could find. Cheapest price, amazing customer service and I got my code very fast. I would recommend them to anyone.

Uploaded by Simon McKnight

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100) which was locked to Virgin Mobile Canada. Unlocking it was super easy and getting the code from GSM Liberty was simple and hassle free. Definitely worth the money.

Uploaded by Sunny Au

Service is great, customer service is friendly and answered your questions professionally and was able to provide excellent attitude and service.

Uploaded by Milena Bennett

I received an unlocking code from within just 10 minutes! Then I simply put in the code and it work perfectly first time. Thank you! If only I had known about this site before spending hours on the phone with my provider! Here\'s the link to the page and if you video yourself unlocking the phone you get a refund on the purchase.

Uploaded by MUHAMMAD ALI

I have Samsung Galaxy S 2 X : SGH-T989D Locked with Koodo. I just purchase unlock code for my Samsung device from Its very simple. I just get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# and provide that to above website to get the code. Once I got the code I put the Fido sim card on my device and restart it. And then its asking for the Network Lock Control Key. Once I provided that the phone was unlocked and I can use my device with Fido Sim card. The service from is very fast and accurate. The code that they provided, just worked right away. No problem at all after unlock. Thanks

Uploaded by Steven Rooms


Uploaded by Deidre Small

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 which was locked to Digicel as the Carrier. I ordered the unlock code from and received the code within a few hours. I simply followed the instructions provided and within minutes my phone was unlocked and available for use with any network. As you would see in the video I replaced the Digicel simm card with one from Rogers and it worked first time - no issues. I would definitely recommend GMSLiberty as the place to go for your unlock codes.....every time!

Uploaded by Alain Proulx

Short video on unlocking a Samsung Galaxy W T679M that was locked to Bell Mobility. This was a very simple process. Following the online purchase, I received an email with the unlock code after about 15 minutes. I put a sim from Koodo and rebooted phone, entered the code in the email and within seconds my phone is unlocked. Highly recommend!

Uploaded by Mahesh P

Hai this the Simple way to unlock Canadas Virgin Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Order your code by selecting the model Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 and select carier as Virgin Mobile canada an then enter the IMEI no by dialing *#06# in your phone and place your order. In one to two hours you will receive your network code then insert simcard other than your regular carrier and then it asks for the code then type the code you received and its all done it says network unlocked. all the best.

Uploaded by Qing Hu

Phone locked to Fido Canada. Used Virgin Mobile Canada simcard to unlock. Unlock code received within 5 min. Took less than 1 minute to complete unlocking, big thank you to gsmliberty!!!

Uploaded by David Ferreira

How to unlock Samsung S7550 Blue Earth.

Uploaded by Balazs Sziranyi

UNLOCK Galaxy S4 (i9505) T- mobile with - works super released my S4 fully.

Uploaded by Javier Gonzalez

I needed to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3 locked to Claro Panama, after trying several sites without success I found and a few hours later my phone was 100% unlocked. Way to go GSMLiberty! Fully recommended.

Uploaded by Brandon Eich

i was very pleased with GSMLiberty to get my Samsung t499 from T-Mobile(locked) to GSM Unlocked in less than a half hour! Thank you GSMLiberty!

Uploaded by Jeremy Brett

Unlocked 2 of these phones (Bell locked Samsung Galaxy 2 I9000) through The first one was unlocked within 1 hour. The second one had some problems but the folks a persisted and unlocked it for me. Lots of help through email and online chat. They always kept me informed about the progress. Now sending an email and wondering when and if they would get back to me like the other unlockers, I can even call them at their 800 number! Thanks!!!!!

Uploaded by Anne Carr

Easy unlock code provided by GSMLiberty.

Uploaded by andrew chudyk

How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S2 from UK O2 network using unlock code provided

Uploaded by Sean Lim

Here is a video of me unlocking my Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S4 using a unlock code purchased from I used the phone on the Rogers Network (Canada) after unlocking, and everything works great. I get full reception on my phone, and I am 100% satisfied with the service provided by GSMLiberty. The whole process took only about 10 minutes after I paid for the code. All that you need is your phone\'s IMEI # which can be found on the phone box or in the phone\'s settings. I should note that even though I purchased my code halfway through the night (1AM PST), the code was still delivered quickly! On top of that, they offered the cheapest price I could find online, and I searched a whole evening to find the best price! The website accepts PayPal payments, which I found to be very convenient! I highly recommend this website to everyone and will share it with all my family and friends.

Uploaded by Michael Park

Unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S2 from Bell, Took about 15mins to get the code from them. Would definitely recommend

Uploaded by Andre Silva

It toke just 30min to receive my unlock codes from and two more to enter and unlock my Galaxy Gio :) I am from Portugal and had my gio locked to Vodafone PT, now it\'s unlocked and I can use my lycamobile on it! I\'m a happy custumer from I truly recommend you all to unlock your phones from the best and cheapier online store!

Uploaded by Remo Wakeford

After the jelly bean update my phone relocked itself, thanks to i got it unlocked.

Uploaded by iloni bruha

Today i am going to be showing how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Europa GT I5500 using . This is a very reliable and a affordable website and has nearly every phone available. You insert a sim that the phone does not work with, once you turn it on it will ask you to activate it and then you enter the code given in your email, and it will be activated as shown in the video.

Uploaded by Max Weigel

I got my unlock code from this link and it worked well as you can see in the video. My phone is a Samsung GT-i5800 locked to Tmobile Hungary. I am now using it on AT&T here in the US. The reason that the video ended is because the phone I was using to record the video started ringing! It worked!

Uploaded by Felipe Ricardo Juliá

I\'ve ordered the unlock code from GSMLiberty for my Samsung Galaxy S2. It only took less than 3 hours between ordering the unlock code until I\'ve received it on my mail. The support from them has been superb. I\'ve received all the required unlock codes and as can you see on the video it worked wonders! I would recommend their service to anyone who needs to unlock a phone.

Uploaded by Melissa Mullins

It was a super quick and easy process. All you needed to provide was the imei number for the phone, your carrier, and phone model. It took less than 20 mins to receive an email, and it took less than 2 mins to unlock the phone. I highly recommend GSM Liberty for your unlocking needs! They were quick, and great! Thanks GSM Liberty!!

Uploaded by Edward Hauff

Samsung S3 locked to Bell unlocked with code from, get your code for your S3 here.

Uploaded by FX BOUHIER

The code was bought @ Received quite quickly. As shown in the video, no problem occured while inputing the code in my Samsung Galaxy S plus (i9001). I was able to make my first call with my new mobile carrier immediately after validated the code !

Uploaded by Carlos Gavidia is the best website where you can get unlock codes for different cellphone models, mine is an HTC one x+ locked with AT&T and I got my unlocked code here: once you access to the website it will ask you to select your phone manufacture, and then it will ask for your phone IMEI as soon as you put that information, you will continue with payment option, you get your order confirmation and you will get your unlock code by email in the next 10 minutes, this was a great experience for me, try it out!!!

Uploaded by Diogo Fekete

GSM Liberty service is amazing! Delivery very fast, and with complete step by step information, and if you need they have a great online support! Awesome!

Uploaded by Kyron Regis

Guy for all you unlocking codes go to They service are second to none. They are really professionals I got my code back in about 2 hours. I had a questions about unlocking my phone and I sent them an email and they sent me an email right back. Give them a try.

Uploaded by neil downs

How to unlock a Samsung galaxy s2 from AT&T using Code was delivered as promised and worked on the very first try no issues. Will use service again!! Super easy

Uploaded by Alessandro Francolini

The unlocking process is very easy. You just find your model on their webpage (, put your phone\'s IMEI, and that\'s it. After 2 minutes, you will receive your unlocking code. On their forum page are all the instructions you might need.

Uploaded by Aaron Tuckey

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace from Koodo Canada using Service is great! Easy to use, quicker, cheaper and more convenient than the guys at the mall! Just go to select your phone give your mei, within a few minutes they send you an email with the codes needed to unlock your phone.


Fast, simple, and most importantly risk-free! I got my unlock code from GSM within the time specified. It was as straightforward as they said it would be. My phone asks for the unlock code. I type it in and, hey presto, the phone is unlocked and free to make calls. Making and posting this video means I get a refund of the cost which was only €15 anyway. When I had a query their online chat service was really helpful too.

Uploaded by Christopher Marin

I was buying a phone from a friend and I foundthat my T-Mobile network was locked out of the AT&T phone. I did some researched and used the service offered by to obtain a network code to unlock the phone and use the phone with virtually all service providers!

Uploaded by Michal Stasiak

Fantastic service provided by ! Phone unlocked within 20min ! You won\'t find the easiest and cheapest way to unlock you mobile.

Uploaded by Koussay Mustapha

This is my forth phone that I unlocked for them. It\'s the simplest and fastest way of doing it. All you have to do is buy an unlock code for thier website. Then insert an invaild simcard and type the unlock code that they gave you, and your phone will be fully unlocked just like my samsung s3 which is now fully unlocked.

Uploaded by Garret Mannerow

Hey YouTube, just showing you a quick video on how I used\'s unlocking service to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S3 in minutes. It worked super fast, and I have used them in the past with great results.

Uploaded by Josue Galindo

How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Mini with a code from Buy your code, boot your phone with a blocked sim card, and input the code you receive by email. This phone was from Yoigo carrier, Spain, and now I can use it with any sim card. Highly recommended!

Uploaded by Ali Khalifa

Amazing service, extremely fast, I got my unlock code within exactly 5-10 minutes after completing the payment. Highly recommended service and the cheapest prices that I found online. Outstanding service.

Uploaded by Matthew Pietz

Unlocking my cell phone with the code I got from It all went very smoothly.

Uploaded by Lucas Serrey

Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S2 using an unlock code provided by GSM liberty. I was selling my used phone as an unlocked phone, but had failed twice to get the unlock code having paid for it with other providers. It worked first time with the code bought from GSMLiberty, Thanks!

Uploaded by Carlos H Alfaro Carrizales

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Simple and Easy with code purchased at great value off Code arrived within 10 mins of purchase and I would highly recommend this service :) Thanks :)

Uploaded by sonny feliciano

A Samsung Galaxy note locked to claro mobile in Puerto Rico. Simple and easy unlock!

Uploaded by sgn

Excellent Service !

Uploaded by Prashant Darveshi

I bought an unlock code from GSM liberty website (see link below) for my galaxy s3 and this video tells you how to unlock your phone once you receive a code from them.


I unlock really easy my galaxy s3 thanks to the code came really quickly

Uploaded by gavin miller

just another video of myself entering my unlock code into my samsung galaxy s1 gt-i9000 the code was provided by ive used them a few times before. they are very quick with providing the unlock code..great service..once again...thank you.

Uploaded by Melanie Valencia

Great service from It worked immediately.

Uploaded by Tien Khanh Ngo

This video shows how to unlock the Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679 (firmware 2.3.6). The unlock code was provided by Their service was prompted and hassle free. I highly recommend their service to everyone.

Uploaded by Karlie Peters

GSM Liberty saved my life!!!, (well my phone at least) easiest unlock site I have ever used! Tried 2 other websites, and they couldn\'t unlock my phone. GSMliberty did it in less than 10 minutes!

Uploaded by Lucas Serrey

Successful unlocking of my Samsung Galaxy S2 using unlock codes bought from GSMLiberty !

Uploaded by Nigel Henzie

Super easy Samsung S3 unlock. Paid for it and had unlock code within 10 minutes. Works Perfectly!

Uploaded by Lucas Serrey

Successfully unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S2 using unlock code bought from

Uploaded by Slobodan Kalezić

After buying newest model of Samsung Galaxy S3 I come to problem that it was SIM locked (network locked). Browsing the Net I found multiple suggestions, but found that messing with Android configuration files (manually or by using some program) can cause some problems later. Unlocking with unlock code is perfectly regular (part of device design) and does not put you at risk like hacker solutions can do. Problem with hacks is that they may be incomplete - change one config file but not the other, or does not update some control sum or... GSMLiberty ( offered unlock code at lowest price on the Net, at least the lowest price that I could find. Before purchase I also checked GSMLiberty evaluations on multiple review sites and average rating was close to maximum on each of them. Second part of my video is dark. In order to avoid reflections on the phone screen I put it in black surroundings, well - too black. You can clearly see phone screen but you can not see the phone. My phone is black. Sorry guys, but I can not film this again, this phone is now permanently unlocked. DO NOT use my IMEI and network unlock code. Your IMEI and network unlock code are unique to your phone. Turn your phone off and on again after successfull unlock. Happy unlocking to you all!!! :)

Uploaded by Mario Flores

I have unlock my new Galaxy S3 - T999 from T-mobile using the service getting the network code from them. The process is very easy and the service is great. I recommend this site to everyone. I receive my code in less than 6 hours and not one or two days like other services. Want to give a try? Follow the link below:

Uploaded by Tomasz Krawczynski

I got my unlock code in about 5 minutes. This is my 3rd phone that I unlocked with this company. First was Motorola Milestone, second BlackBerry Torch and now this. Their service is great and fast, plus I love the guarantee.

Uploaded by Ranuk De Silva

This is a video showing the unlocking of a Samsung A197 phone that was locked on AT&T using the unlock code given by GSMLiberty sent me the code in 4 hours which is exactly the amount of time promised on the website. Their services are excellent and after looking all over the internet I would say that this site rules!

Uploaded by Katie Bell

Service was exceptionally fast. Got the code within 5 minutes and as you can see was very simple to do! Definitely recommend them.

Uploaded by Lukasz Lakomy

he code arrived within 30 min. which is really fast and the code worked. I liked the service really much and I really recommend the page if you are looking for an unlock code for your phone!

Uploaded by Cory Nixon

If you want unlock your phone to this link: Find your phone, order your unlock code, pay for it, and you\'ll get an email usually in the same day with the code. Read the instructions on their site on how enter the code. Very easy and process and I have done this twice now, awesome service.

Uploaded by Andrew Gilbert

Receiving it by email took exactly 6 minutes.That was at half eleven on a saturday night. (yeah I know I should get out more). Instructions clear and simple and worked first time. HIghly recommended.

Uploaded by Matthew Coyle

Samsung Rugby II Unlock with Service. Unlocking was easy and quick!

Uploaded by Steve Bauman

Fantastic service I use for all the phones I get to unlock them for any provider. Their delivery times are amazing! Got my S3 code in 5 minutes! Go to for your own unlock code!

Uploaded by Jack Connah

This is a video of me unlocking my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7\" GT-P1000 using an unlock code provided by As you can see in the video, it worked first time.

Uploaded by Daniel Ellmeier

The Phone was previously locked to 3 Austria. I booted it with an A1 Sim Card to get the Unlock Option, typed in the \"Network\" Unlock Code and as you can see at the end of the video it worked perfectly. All in all, the process from ordering the unlock code to getting it unlocked was pretty easy and self-explanatory. Here you get the Unlock Code for the Samsung Omnia 7: For me, one of the best points of gsmliberty was their service and support. In particular the direct chat on their website was fantastic.

Uploaded by Edward Hauff

Unlocked Samsung Rugby II which was locked to TELUS using code from GSMLIBERTY was very helpful by quickly sending the unlock instructions as my phone wasn\'t listed on the Samsung page. I will definitely use GSMLIBERTY if I ever need another code.

Uploaded by Carlos H Alfaro Carrizales

In mexico if you take it to someone else to unlock it its about 30 USD and you have to go to the place! With this service you only pay 19.99 USD and its super fast, easy, do it yourself and at your own desk! You don\'t even feel nervous of bricking your mobile, its all simple and the support you receive from the company is awesome, i don\'t think its even possible to fail unlocking your mobile, but if so, they have an excellent support team online! In this video you will find the super easy steps to unlock your mobile! 1. Turn Off mobile 2. Check for IMEI under battery (15 digit number) 3. Go to 4. Write down IMEI and select Carrier 5. Purchase and wait for email 6. Switch to the locked provider 7. Turn On 8. Write the NETWORK Unlock Code (8 digit number) 9. Be happy and enjoy! It can\'t be easier and faster than that :) For any other devices the best, easiest and fastest way to set your mobile free :

Uploaded by Steve Watson

I got my unlock code from GSM within the time specified. It was as straightforward as they said it would be. My phone asks for the unlock code. I type it in and, hey presto, the phone is unlocked and free to make calls. Making and posting this video means I get a refund of the cost which was only €15 anyway. When I had a query their online chat service was really helpful too

Uploaded by Marcus Sen

Unlock code from worked first time and had the unlock code with an hour. Customer support was excellent with immediate replies. Had failed to get an unlock code with two other sites before finding Unlocked a Samsung E1150 from the UK locked to T-Mobile so it runs on Movistar in Spain.


Unlocking Samsung Galaxy mini... easy and simple ;)

Uploaded by Theodore Avery

The code came within minutes as advertised. Live chat was also available on the site when I had questions about how to unlock. I unlocked a Samsung Impact T746 on Virgin Mobile in Canada, now working with Fido. I would recommend them!

Uploaded by Denny Doan

Phone Unlock was provided by great service, my code took about 1 day to arrive by email. It took so long because my phone was not on the list with instructions so they had to find another way, most phones should take about 3-10 minutes for the code to arrive with instructions. Overall I\'m very pleased with the service by GSM Liberty

Uploaded by gavin miller

hi all just a short video showing you how to enter a unlock code into your samsung galaxy s i9000..the code was provided by they are very cheap,very reliable,and very quick at providing your code. i would highly recomend them.

Uploaded by roger collins

I successfully unlocked my Samsung SGH-T479B

Uploaded by Jacob Beynon

it did what it says on the tin, payment via PayPal so it is safe and secure! however the time estimate is a bit off so don\'t get anxious if the code doesnt arrive during the estimated time!

Uploaded by blake roeder

I bought the unlock code from, and i received it in two minutes. the code worked the very first time, and i am very happy to recommend their services to you!

Uploaded by Andrei Stefanescu

This video shows you how to enter the unlock code that I purchased at for my Samsung Galaxy S Plus phone. I ordered the unlock code Saturday in the morning and i received Sunday morning (i was thinking that i will receive it Monday). The steps from the email were very clear: I insert a sim card (with a carrier that my phone does not support), when i receive the \"enter unlock code\" screen , i insert the Network code and the message Unlocked successful was displayed. Please note that after that restart again the phone to have access to gsm and mobile data. Thank you

Uploaded by César Luís

This video shows that the network unlock code provided by the site really works. It was fast and simple, in my case took about 3/4 hours to receive the code via email.

Uploaded by Lukasz Lakomy

Video showing unlocking my Samsung Galaxy Mini using code from Very quick - got my working code after roughly 6 hours.

Uploaded by Marcel Almeida

I contacted ( with my IMEI number and they return to me with the unlock code in less than 1 hour. is fast and trustworthy.

Uploaded by Russell Won

Just purchased a nearly brad new Samsung Galaxy Note model i1717 locked to AT&T. Found while searching the web for unlocking my new phone for T-Mobile. Received the unlock code in 8mins after purchasing the code online thru PayPal. Sorry for the poor video and audio but I literally had one shot at this so here it is. Very simple and very fast.

Uploaded by u-first wireless

I unlocked my Samsung vibrant on tmobile with a gsm liberty unlock code here is a link to get your code

Uploaded by Koorma Pramodh Yellapu

Demonstration of unlocking Samsung Infuse 4G using the unlock code from Procedure: 1. Find your IMEI (Menu - Settings - Phone - Status - IMEI) Visit and 1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card 2. Switch On the phone. 3. It will display a message saying something like \"Insert right SIM card\", press the \"Unlock\" button. 4. Enter the unlock code (which you will get from twice. 5. It should say that Unlocking is successful, then press \"OK\" and the phone will restart by itself.

Uploaded by Elmer Gumafelix

This is a video showing you guys how awesome is. I\'ve been getting unlock codes from them for a bunch of phones already and now this is the first time that I unlock a tablet using their service. What you just need is to get your phone\'s or tablet\'s IMEI number, go to and search for your phone pr tablet model. If ever you couldn\'t find your phone/tablet, there\'s always a live chat in their website with an agent whom you can ask anything about their service. Thank you for watching.

Uploaded by Dana Stringam

This video shows me unlocking my C414M with Virgin Mobile Canada to work on AT&T through . The process was very easy, the price was reasonable, and the results came fast. I\'ve tried two other unlocking services, even free unlocking forums, and this is the only one that does what they say they will. Well worth the money, and I\'ll definitely use them again in the future.

Uploaded by Julienne Marquez

I chose express service but i got the codes for more than 24 hours. I just thought that it\'s weekend so maybe it was just delayed. When I got the unlock codes I immediately enter them on my phone and in a matter of seconds, it worked. No sweat at all. If you want to unlock your phone just visit Enjoy!!!

Uploaded by Rafael Bastidas

I used the Express Service ($24.99) which delivered the unlock code in 24 hours. I wasn\'t in a hurry. I got my unlock code which I used following the provided instrucctions in and it worked flawlessly the first time I tried! Highly recommended service, great online support. I recommend to clear any doubt via online chat which works superb. They will tell you for sure if they can unlock your phone! This way you avoid having a bad time. I would unlock another phone with them for sure!

Uploaded by camilo andres arango

THANK YOU for unlocking my phone.... EASY, CHEAP and FAST.... Just watch the video and see how easy it is, these guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Check the link for more details....

Uploaded by Tuan Nguyen

-Fast service -Cheap price -Works well Though the code did say \"unsuccessful\" after turning the phone on and off once the network was found and the code worked fine. Otherwise everything worked perfectly fine

Uploaded by Elmer Gumafelix

This shows you the procedure on how to unlock/openline your Samsung Galaxy Gio. I purchased an unlock code from I purchased the instant service that supposedly \"instant\" in 10 to 30 minutes but it turned out to be a 24-hour wait before they send me the unlock code. It\'s frustrating to wait that long when you expect it to be available in 30 minutes but I\'m a patient man. I\'m happy because I was able to unlock my phone, that\'s the important thing.

Uploaded by paul carpenter

I finally found a reliable unlocking service! Just entered a simple code 61318592 (only valid for my phone) and presto!

Uploaded by Sebastien Malo

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 551 with Bell Mobility, in Canada. I need it unlocked, however, because I live in Switzerland. sold me a the unlocking code. The whole procedure was easy and cheaper than with other companies.It worked like magic. Highly recommended.

Uploaded by Chrisopher Hixon

reat service, very fast and cheapest I could find on the internet .... simples

Uploaded by Fabio Branca

You can now unlock your Movistar Motorola Defy with GsmLiberty\'s service Ahora podes desbloquear tu Movistar Motorola Defy con los servicios de

Uploaded by Glenn Barron

I purchased an unlock code from and within minutes I had the required code! Their service is lightening fast and accurate! Thanks!

Uploaded by Michael Mudd

If you have a Samsung A667 Evergreen world phone you can buy an unlock code here: has affordable prices and their service is very fast. I selected the 24hour delivery method and got an unlock code in less than 10 minutes!

Uploaded by Christopher Mallanao

GSMLiberty will provide you the unlock code(s) for your cellphone. It was easy and fast.

Uploaded by Pablo Polimeni

Unlock Samsung M2520 (Beat) 1. Insert sim card not valid. Insertar tarjeta sim no valida. 2. Place Code provided by WWW.GSMLIBERTY.NET Colocar Codigo provisto por WWW.GSMLIBERTY.NET 3. Code #0111*Code# 4. Phone successfully unlocked. Telefono desbloqueado exitosamente.

Uploaded by Jayson Labaclado

This video is showing you how easy it is to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy Gio so that you can use your phone to any other networks. You just need the unlock code which you can buy at Go check it out.

Uploaded by Francisco Javier de la Torre Inguanzo

Seguí las instrucciones de, logré conseguir un desbloqueo. Para comprobarlo al terminar presioné *#7465625# y muestra el status del bloqueo del teléfono. Sin embargo no lo he podido usar con Unefon, al poner un chip de esta compañía me muestra la leyenda *Bloqueo de red* y *Sólo llamadas de emergencía*.

Uploaded by Branko Lovre

Unlock Samsung SGH-T939 Behold 2 T-Mobile with GSMLiberty

Uploaded by Daniel Weissensteiner

Daniel unlocked his Samsung Galaxy 3 GT - I5800 with an Unlock Code from GSMLiberty and uploaded this video.

Uploaded by sacha rizzo

Just bought an unlocking code at GSMLIBERTY.NET and it worked smoothly. No problem at all. Very cheap price tag compared to other providers. Simply digit the code on your phone with a non-accepted SIM card. You receive the code by email upon payment (after only 75min in my case). If you have a problem or technical issue you can call GSMLIBERTY (I called them and helped me very well) at the number provided in their website. Live chat also available. Excelent service. Definately I recommend it.