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Uploaded by Beatriz Gil (Couldn’t save in to e-comm site)

Apple iPhone 4 Unlock with GSMLiberty.net Service I\’m from Ecuador South America, and I\’m using an AT&T iPhone 4. I successfully unlocked it with GSMLiberty.net, it works for real. In less than 24 hours I had my phone unlocked. I was using Gevey Ultra, but when I upgraded to firmware 5.1.1, something happened and I couldn\’t use it anymore. I\’ve unlocked lots of iPhones, with many other methods, and this is by far the most confortable and effective way to have your iPhone unlocked. Don\’t need to worry about official Firmware updates, no jailbreak needed. You\’re free to do whatever you want. The best is that GsmLiberty is always updating your order status, letting you know what\’s happening with your order, they even have live chat for any question you want to ask. IN THE VIDEO: I expliain step by step all the process. First i insert the unaccepted SIM, and obviously \”no service\”.. Then i restart the phone and plug it to itunes, and there was this meesage: Were sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later.. I went to the GSMLiberty instructions manual, and it said I had to download the latest iPhone Firmware, but as I had it already installed (5.1.1) I just decided to retry and reconnect the iPhone to iTunes. Then, this message appeared: \”An Update to the carrier settings for your iphone are available, Would you like to download it now? I chose \”DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE\”… After this, my I got my CLARO bars in the top left side of my iPhone 🙂 UNLOCKED.. DONE! Believe me, GSMLiberty.net works great.. Totally safe, quick and effective.

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