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Uploaded by Beatriz Gil (Couldn’t save in to e-comm site)

I just purchased a sim unlock from gsmliberty.net and received my confirmation email telling me that the phone was now unlocked. I followed all the information in the email in order to unlock the phone, but could not get iTunes to show any updates available – and so the phone would simply not unlock. This was due to the fact I already had the latest iOS 5.1.1 and so there was nothing to update, therefore stayed carrier locked to AT&T. This is how I fixed it and got the unlock to work: 1. Backup up the iPhone in iTunes to my computer. 2. Restored the phone to factory settings (i.e. wiped it clean). 3. Reinstalled iOS 5.1.1 using iTunes. 4. Voila! Forced the update through Apple\’s servers and was greeted with a \’Congratulations, you iPhone is now unlocked\’. 5. New sim card recognised and the phone is fully working thanks to the unlock by gsmliberty.net.

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Uploaded by : Beatriz Gil