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Apple iPhone 4 Unlock with GSMLiberty.net Service

Video showing how to unlock Apple iPhone 4 using (www.gsmiberty.net)\’s service. 1. Go to this link: http://www.gsmliberty.net/shop/permanent-apple-iphone-unlock-p-1477.html 2. Enter your IMEI number. Select your country/carrier information. 3. Click to pay and wait for unlock confirmation email. Done! Once you receive the email, simply follow their instructions. Not difficult, don\’t worry 🙂

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Uploaded by : Beatriz Gil

Uploaded by Joanne Tillett

I purchased an iPhone 4 unlock code (which cost me around £50 – SO CHEAP!) which would give me a PERMANENT APPLE FACTORY UNLOCK, so I can now restore it whilst keeping the unlock. I live in the United Kingdom. In less then 24 hours I received my unlock code. The best thing was they kept in touch and were always updating my order status. IN THE VIDEO: I explain step by step all the processes. First I insert the the unacceptable sim, which gave me \’No service\’ as expected. I plugged it into iTunes and it came up with an error that asked me to try again later (as expected as they told me that this would happen in the email). I then removed and reconnected the iPhone from the computer and then connected it once again. I then received a pop up message saying that my iPhone was now unlocked, after this I received my Claro bars in the top left hand corner which showed the 3 network. UNLOCKED Trust me, GSMLiberty.net works amazingly, totally safe, quick and effective. To unlock your iPhone like I did in this video, then please visit: http://www.gsmliberty.net/shop/permanent-apple-iphone-unlock-p-1477.html All you need to do is give them the IMEI code of your iPhone and wait! So simple and effective! Thank you so much GSMLiberty.net

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Uploaded by : Joanne Tillett