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Bell Mobility Galaxy S3 Unlock with GSMLiberty.net

The first unlock attempt is shown failing. It could have been me who forgot to turn off the WIFI and Airplane Mode before entering the code. Before the second attempt, I made sure WIFI and Airplane Mode were disabled, and followed the code error message solution that comes together with the unlock code from GSMLiberty.net. The solution is straightforward to follow. And it unlocked the phone at the second attempt !! There are so many web sites with similar names. It is hard to tell who to trust in terms of the service promise. I went to one web site and could not get the unlock code after even several days and waiting for their refund as they agreed that they could not fulfill the promise. GSMLiberty.net (http://www.gsmliberty.net/), on the other hand, delivered the unlock code 12 minutes after they sent order confirmation. GSMLiberty.net must be so confident on the codes they provide because they indeed encourages the people to make and post the video to Vimeo or Youtube when they unlock the phones with their codes

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