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Htc hd2 tmobile unlock code from gsmliberty.net

Thanks to the help of GSMliberty.net. I paid just $14.95 for the unlock code. I only had to give GSMliberty.net my IMEI, and they sent me an unlock code specifically for my IMEI. The unlock code was sent to me in an email very quickly (between 3-5 minutes) from GSMliberty.net, and it was very simple to then unlock my phone with the unlock code they sent me, as I demonstrated in my video. I simply put an AT&T SIM card in my T-Mobile phone, turned it on, punched in the unlock code that GSMliberty.net supplied to me, pushed enter and waited while the phone rebooted with AT&T\’s service, and the process was complete. Overall, this was a very easy process to complete. I admit that I was fairly nervous that something would go wrong with punching in the unlock code, and I would have to do it over again. However, to my surprise, I got the numbers correct the first time. ***Do not use this unlock code for your HTC HD2, the unlock codes for each phone are different, and depend on the IMEI of your phone. Every IMEI is different, so the unlock codes will also be different.*** I would definitely reccomment GSMliberty.net, through their services, you can unlock your phone within minutes for a very reasonable price. The process of unlocking took me no more than 3 minutes maximum, and that was with me explaining as I went. This is a very simple and easy process with GSMliberty.net\’s services.

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