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Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305) Unlock with GSMLiberty.net Service

After buying newest model of Samsung Galaxy S3 I come to problem that it was SIM locked (network locked). Browsing the Net I found multiple suggestions, but found that messing with Android configuration files (manually or by using some program) can cause some problems later. Unlocking with unlock code is perfectly regular (part of device design) and does not put you at risk like hacker solutions can do. Problem with hacks is that they may be incomplete – change one config file but not the other, or does not update some control sum or… GSMLiberty (https://www.gsmliberty.net) offered unlock code at lowest price on the Net, at least the lowest price that I could find. Before purchase I also checked GSMLiberty evaluations on multiple review sites and average rating was close to maximum on each of them. Second part of my video is dark. In order to avoid reflections on the phone screen I put it in black surroundings, well – too black. You can clearly see phone screen but you can not see the phone. My phone is black. Sorry guys, but I can not film this again, this phone is now permanently unlocked. DO NOT use my IMEI and network unlock code. Your IMEI and network unlock code are unique to your phone. Turn your phone off and on again after successfull unlock. Happy unlocking to you all!!! 🙂

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