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Unlocking Nokia C1-01 using GSMLiberty.com

I wanted to be able to use my phone internationally, so I decided to try and unlock it. GSMliberty.com was the cheapest option I could find, so I entered the IMEI from the battery compartment and got a cade back 6 hours later. Entering the code was done as follows: 1. Turn on phone without SIM card inserted 2. At home screen, enter #PW+[Unlock code]+7#, P is entered by pressing * 3 times, W by pressing * 4 times and + by pressing * twice. If all goes well, yo should see a \”phone restriction off\” screen like in the video Get the code specifically for a fido C1-01 here: http://www.gsmliberty.net/shop/fido-imei-unlock-codes-p-1518.html GSMLiberty.com unlocks a wide variety of phones from carriers all over the world for a pretty cheap price ($10 in my case), visit their website for more

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