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How it's Done

You can unlock any Samsung GSM phone via unlock codes. This is the easiest method to unlock a Samsung. Unlock Codes are easy to use and are guaranteed to unlock your phone.

What is the process ?

We just need your phone's serial (IMEI) number. Every GSM phone has a unique identifying number that you can obtain by simply dialing *#06#* while your phone is powered on, or by checking the back of your phone underneath the battery on the white sticker.
Once you get your IMEI number and type into the box above, complete the one page checkout process and leave the rest to us !
We will run your phone's IMEI on a specialized Samsung unlock code database and within the specified time frame we will automatically email you the result with instructions on how to proceed.

My Samsung is "Hardlocked"/ Says "Phone Freeze", can I still unlock it ?

Depending on your Samsung model and Carrier combination , this service may return all 5 Samsung Unlock Codes, namely:

  • NETWORK Code: Network unlock code, needed by most Samsung phones.
  • PROVIDER Code : A provider specific code, required by some samsung phones, especially those locked to Canadian carriers like Koodo , Fido , Rogers, Bell, Wind, Videotron etc..)
  • SUBPROVIDER Code: A subprovider/ reseller code , rarely used.
  • DEFREEZE Code: The defreeze code is not guaranteed to be returned with this service and is not needed unless your phone is frozen.
    If your phone is frozen and thus requires the unfreeze code , then you can order our Samsung Unfreeze Code Product which is guaranteed to provide you with an unfreeze code, along with all the other codes required.

Promise ?

YES ! We've been around the block for a while and as with all other services we provide , we promise to unlock your phone or we'll fully refund your purchase. If you run into any problems, we're here to help via phone, chat or email ! Don't take our word for it. Checkout some of the videos and reviews of clients who have trusted us to get the job done.

Watch Video on How to Unlock your Samsung IMEI Unlock Codes

Unlocking FAQ

Ask us any question, we're here to help !

What does unlocking my mobile phone do for me?

This Samsung SIM unlock removes the carrier lock placed by many cell providers these days. Regardless which provider you bought your mobile phone from, once your phone is unlocked you can utilize your phone with ANY GSM service provider.

Is it Safe and will it work ?

Yes ! We guarantee it or your full money back.

Will this service "unfreeze" my Samsung phone ?

YES ! In addition to providing you with the NCK unlock code (Network unlock code) this Samsung unlock service will provide you with the Unfreeze Code necessary to unfreeze your phone if it's in "freeze mode"

How do i enter the unlock codes once recieved ?

It's as easy as dialing in a phone number, depending on your Samsung phone model detailed code entry instructions will be provided with the your unlock code once delivered. You can also access Samsung code entry instructions here.

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  customer service representatives are good and they helped me in placing the order after clearing all my doubts. I checked other websites as well. Comparatively, GSMLiberty is offering the unlock codes at cheaper price. Overall, I am happy with the service they provided. Thanks!