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How it's Done

Enjoy the numerous benefits of an unlocked Motorola cell phone ! Unlocking a Motorola cell phone is done using Subsidy or Network codes: A sequence of digits that is unique to every Motorola phone. By providing us with your Motorola’s 15 digit IMEI number , (located on the back of your phone behind the battery or by dialing *#06# while your phone is powered on) , we will search for your phone’s unique code and send it to you via email. This entire process is fully automated , is available 24 /7 and only takes a few minutes to complete.

What is a Subsidy or Network Code?

Network locked Motorola phones will show the following message when powered on with a non-accepted sim card:

  1. Enter Subsidy Code
  2. Enter Network Unlock PIN

This code is either 8 or 16 digits in length and the unlock code required to unlock your Motorola phone is the Network unlock code. Our Motorola unlock code service will provide you with the required code to unlock your phone. Guaranteed !

Is the Network Code Guaranteed to unlock my Motorola?

Just like all our other services, you can rest assured we’re here to assist you via chat , email or phone 24 hours a day MON-FRI and your subsidy code is guaranteed to work with a full money back refund. Videos below show real life clients , just like you, that trusted GSMLiberty to provide them with their Network Code.

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