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If your Nokia phone has a SIM lock, you may want to consider getting the lock removed. Keeping the lock intact may cause you to have to pay huge roaming charges if you travel with the locked phone out of the country. What you need are Nokia Unlock Codes to get your phone unlock and ready to use with any carrier.
Note: If you have an older Nokia model you can unlock it for free using the following link: Free Nokia Unlock Code Calculator . If your Nokia model is not supported you need to purchase the unlock code.
Whether you need to unlock a Nokia BB5 model, Nokia SL3 , Nokia Lumia or any other Nokia model , GSMLiberty can help you to get your Nokia phone unlocked permanently. We will need the 15 digit valid IMEI number of your phone along with the name of your phone carrier and the phone model. Enter all the details on the products page. Once we receive your information and your payment, we will generate your phone’s specific code and deliver it to you via email within a stipulated time frame. If the code is not delivered on time or the code does not work, you will receive a full refund.

Is there anything known as phone unlocking?

Yes, there is. Many times original service providers enable a network restriction or SIM lock in the phone. These are called locked phones and these phones can be unlocked with unlock codes.

If I own a Nokia phone and it is locked, is there a way to unlock it?

Yes. It does not matter what model of Nokia phone you own. If you get your genuine Nokia unlock code from a reputable unlock code provider, you will be able to remove the lock easily.

Is the unlock process safe to use?

It is totally safe, provided you are using genuine Nokia unlock codes. The unlock code only removes the lock from your phone. The warranty remains intact and there is no damage to the software.

Why should I get my Nokia phone(s) unlocked?

If you travel with a locked phone, you could end up paying large roaming charges. When the phone is unlocked, you are free to use it with any carrier you want. In addition, an unlocked phone may increase in resale value.

How can I get genuine Nokia unlock codes?

Genuine Nokia unlock codes are readily available from us, GSMLiberty. We are a registered company and we have been unlocking various models of Nokia phones for a number of years now.

Is the unlock going to be a permanent or temporary?

The unlocking is permanent. This means that once your phone has been unlocked it will not need to be unlocked again, even if you upgrade the software or change the SIM card.

Can I place my unlock code request at any time?

GSMLiberty works 24 hours a day, weekdays. So you can place your request at any time of day and from any location you are in.

How do I place my request with GSMLiberty for the unlock code?

It is simple. We can be contacted over the phone or you can visit us at We will need the first 15 digits of your phone’s unique IMEI number, the phone model and the name of your phone carrier. Enter all the information on the products page. Once we have your information and your payment, we will generate your specific unlock code and deliver it to you via email within a stipulated time frame, along with instructions for entering the unlock code. Follow them carefully and get your phone unlocked yourself.

How do I find the IMEI number?

You can find your phone’s IMEI number in two ways:

  1. Remove the battery and look for the 15 digit IMEI number present underneath the battery on the label.
  2. Dial *#06#* while the phone is powered on. The 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

What if the IMEI number has more than 15 digits?

If the IMEI number has more than 15 digits, just enter the first 15 digits. The rest are checksum numbers and are not needed.

What Nokia phone models can GSMLiberty unlock?

Virtually all Nokia models are supported for unlocking this includes :

  • Old and Classic Models: These can be unlocked for free using our Free Nokia Unlock tool.
  • Nokia BB5 Models:
  • Nokia Lumia Models: Yep, Nokia lumia models are supported for unlocking using our service , for more information please visit our Nokia Lumia Unlock Codes page.
  • Nokia SL3 Models: We support unlocking SL3 models using codes (via this page) or usingsoftware (Instant solution) . If you would like to find more about the software solution please visit this page : Nokia SL3 unlock software solution.

Does GSMLiberty guarantee to provide the unlock code within a specified time?

Yes, we have a time guarantee. If we fail to deliver the unlock code within the specified time, you will receive a full refund.

What if the unlock code fails to remove the lock from the Nokia phone I own?

This usually does not happen. But if the unlock code from GSMLiberty fails to remove the SIM lock from your Nokia phone, you will get a full refund. That is part of our service money back guarantee.

Other Methods Available to Unlock Nokia Cellular Phones Are:

Nokia SL3 Unlock Software

Unlock Type: Using Unlock Software.

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Uploaded by Kariym Joachim

I am pleased with my experience with GSMliberty and will definitely use them again! Step 1: Retrieve IMEI Code a) Dial: *#06# or b) Detach backing and remove battery, write down IMEI code from the label. Step 2: Go to and enter the IMEI and other information, then purchase the unlocking service. The estimated time to receive the unlock code is 4-10 hours. Step 3: Enter #pw+ Press #. Press * 3 times until you see \'p\' Press * 4 times to see w. Press * 2 times to see +. Enter the code you received from Enter the following: Press * 2 times until you see + Press the number 7 Press #. Done! Your phone is now unlocked!

Uploaded by Marco Pinas Marin

Este Celular lo trajeron desde Canadá y me lo regalaron en Perú. Pero como ya es sabido, por lo general están bloqueados para algún operador de su país de orígen. En mi caso estaba con Fido. Solo me quedó buscar la forma de desbloquear, y encontré una opción efectiva y barata en Lo que tienes que hacer es ingresar el IMEI, el modelo y operador en la siguiente página: Luego te mostrará el costo y método de envío, que es normalmente a tu correo. Y al final seguir estos sencillos pasos para desbloquear: 1.Enciende el celular sin ningún SIM (chip) puesto 2.Ingresas la sintaxis #pw+Código de gsmliberty+7# 3.Cuando termines de ingresar esa sintaxis, te debe mostrar \"phone restriction off\" que en español significa \"Restricciones de teléfono desactivado\", entonces esperas a que se reinicie y listo ya puedes usarlo con cualquier operador. En esta página encontrarás el código de desbloqueo de cualquier celular, de cualquier país. En mi caso era Fido de Canadá y ahora lo utilizo con movistar en Perú.