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Unlock your Qtek mobile phone safely and remotely from the comfort of your own home! Unlocking Qtek is done by dialing in the unlock code. Simply provide us with the IMEI of your phone and within minutes you will receive your unlock code by email. Voila, your Qtek is unlocked to be used with any compatible GSM active SIM card. Remeber if you have any question, do let us know, we are here to help.

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Uploaded by Victor Palacios

I have been using this site to unlock SIM CARD its just took like 10 minutes to receive the code

Uploaded by Remo Wakeford

This is an unlock video showing the HTC Sensation XE being unlocked with a code from gsm liberty. You can get your own unlock codes at GSMliberty.net

Uploaded by Alex Singer

This is a video showing the unlocking of a HTC One S phone that was locked to Telus Mobility in Canada. An unlock code from GSMLiberty.net was used and it worked perfectly! I was up and running my unlocked phone on T-Mobile in a couple of minutes.