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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlock Codes

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Being one of the first Samsung phone models with Multiview and Dual Camera with dual Shot the S4 is said to be the final phone developed by Samsung in Apple’s wake… Yes yes , that’s all great but my S4 happens to be locked and won’t accept the SIM card from the carrier I want to use.

We hear you .. Can you unlock it ?

Mais oui, and it’s easy, using unlock codes. Not like rocket science codes, but plain and simple digits , read 0-9 , that you dial into your S4 through it’s touch screen and voila ! It all of sudden accepts the SIM that it was not accepting 30 seconds ago.

Voodoo ? Nope ! Guaranteed product…

We’ve been unlocking cell phones for quite some time now , think Nokia Snake , and we offer you our Samsung Galaxy S4 unlock code service with a guarantee to work or your money back and maybe a discount on your next purchase. But seriously, If you need help and try to get ahold of us, you’ll find us there to help over Email, Chat and Phone.

.. So how do I enter a Galaxy S4 Unlock Code ?

Just take a breath, now take another one, relax and follow these instruction , it’s really simple:

  1. Insert a non accepted simcard, That is a simcard that your phone would usually reject, into your phone
  2. Power on your Samsung Galaxy S4
  3. The phone will display “Sim Network Unlock Pin”
  4. Enter the unlock code (NCK, Network Pin) provided.

..You’re Done Son !..

Your Samsung S4 is unlocked ! You can use it with any Carrier you want in any country. Bye bye Insane Roaming bill hello pre-paid travel Sim. True story.

Note:If your S4 says something like “Phone Freeze” or “Phone Frozen” you need need what we call a Galaxy S4 Unfreeze Code , which can be found here .

Do you support all Models of the Galaxy S4 and carriers for unlocking ?

All of them, so long that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is a GSM model, just select the carrier is locked to from the menu and you’ll get all the details on pricing and turn around time you need.

Go ahead, get your S4 unlocked and start enjoying it !

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Clients that Trust us to get the job Done ... :

Uploaded by Dezarae Massey

I unlock my USA AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 with GSMLiberty code. All I did was put in my new SIM card from T Mobile and input the network unlock code acquired from GSMLiberty. I messed up inputting the unlock code the first time around, but was successful when I input the code correctly. This was a great purchase and extremely easy to execute. I received the code extremely quickly, within 2 hours.

Uploaded by Jonathan Ma Tapicer

Worked perfectly, top quality service. They were fast and precise.

Uploaded by Gerardo Diaz Caballeros

Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) with a code purchased in GSMLiberty.net. fast service, received code in 1 hour and worked flawlessly, 100% recommended. Desbloque mi celular Samsung Galaxy S4 (Claro Guatemala) con un codigo comprado en GSMLiberty.net. Rapido servicio, recibí el codigo en 1 hora y funcionó a la perfección, 100% recomendado.