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How it's Done

Unlocking your Sony Ericsson GSM phone via codes is one of the easiest methods to unlock your phone. A simple three step procedure where you provide us with your Sony Ericsson phone’s serial number also known as IMEI, and within a certain time frame, we will return the Sony Ericsson unlock code unique to your phone. All you have to do is dial in the unlock code to free your Sony Ericsson from the network lock.

How do i Know if my Sony Ericsson phone is locked ?

That depends on your exact phone model, however in general two methods can be used :

  1. Start up the phone with non-accepted sim card , that is a simcard besides the one your Sony Ericsson phone is locked to. Phone will indicate it is locked by displaying an on screen message
  2. You can also access the service “Lock menu” on your Sony Ericsson phone by following these easy steps:
    For the following instructions If your phone has a ‘JOGDIAL’ instead of a direction pad, you must press ‘Down arrow’ instead of ‘Left arrow’ for step 2 & 3. We mean by ‘Down arrow” to direct the Jogdial down

    1. Power on your phone with or with no Simcard.
    2. Press the left arrow 1 time
    3. Press the * button 2 times
    4. Press the left arrow 1 time
    5. Personalize menu will appear indicating which of the locks is active and your phone. You will need the unlock code for each of these locks. Do not worry, we provide you with everything you need to unlock your Sony Ericsson phone .

What happens after I order my Sony Ericsson Unlock Code ?

After you enter your Phones IMEI , the carrier your phone is locked and choosing the exact Sony Ericsson model you will be given a time frame and price to deliver your Sony Ericsson unlock code.
Upon completing your order, we will send your unlock code within the indicated time frame. It will be sent via email containing your unique Sony Ericsson unlock codes (Depending on which codes your phone needs) and the instructions you need to enter them into your phone.
Once the unlock code is dialled in using the correct steps (outlined below), you will be able to use your phone with any compatible GSM network.

How do I enter my Sony Ericsson unlock code ?

Depending on the locks active on your Sony Ericsson phone (see above how to know your Sony Ericsson phone is locked) you will receive the unlock codes required for your phone from GSMLiberty in the following format:

  • CCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code)
  • ESCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code)
  • NCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code) : The NCK is the network unlock code. 95% of locked Sony Ericsson phones require only the NCK code. 1 of the 2 NCK codes provided will be accepted by your phone.
  • NSCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code)
  • PCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code)
  • SPCK: (16 digit code, 16 digit code) : Certain models require the SPCK code, which is the Service Provider code.

You simply dial in each provided code where needed on the personalize menu and your phone is unlocked to be used with any carrier world wide !

More detailed Sony Ericsson Code Entry instructions can be found here

Which Sony Ericsson Models are Supported ?

Practically ALL Sony Ericsson cell phone models are supported , the models supported are listed in the drop down menu above . If you’re unsure that your model is supported or it is not listed in the drop down box, contact us we’ll be more than happy to confirm it for you.

Do you Support my Carrier / Service Provider ?

We can generate Sony Ericsson unlock codes for virtually all carriers world wide . The carrier drop down at the top of the page contains an extensive list of supported carriers for this Sony Ericsson unlock code service, this includes:

  • Unlocking Rogers Sony Ericsson: All Rogers Sony Ericsson phones are supported for unlocking this includes the Xperia X10 , Ion, Go and many many more !
  • Unlocking At&t Sony Ericsson Phones: Sony Ericsson phones locked to At&t are supported by this unlock code service.
  • Vodafone , T-mobile , Fido, Zain and many many more international carriers are supported by our Sony Ericsson Unlock code service

If you cannot find your service provider in the drop down menu above of supported carriers , do get in touch with us, we’re here to help you and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction

Is it Safe ? Guaranteed ?

YES! Our service is fully guaranteed to unlock your phone or your money back. We are also here to support you via email, chat and phone 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about unlocking your Sony Ericsson Phone !

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